GOTY 2009

List items

  • Such a fresh and interesting idea, and the creation of a brand new superhero and city was fantastic. The powers wee fleshed out perfectly, and seeing moral actions changing the mood of the entire city was very interesting at the time. One of the few games that weaves such an interesting city, story, and gameplay style in a way that makes it all feel real.

  • The sense of completionism i was infected with because of this game still gives me chills. A shame that this has been one of the only live games that really pushes the games limits. Not to mention how smoothly it all runs and how great the action feels. I was also extremely surprised by how well the plane switching worked when fighting enemies in other sectors of a room. 2D doesn't mean dudes in front of you anymore, and this game proved it.

  • Finally seeing a decent original Wii game aside from NMH was such a relief. Breathed new life into the console for me. The gore, action, and story were fantastic in the most pulp of fashions. The atmosphere was so hardcore and goofy at the same time. I was blown away by the contrast in visuals. I realise that the Wii is a weak system, but that nothing a little style can't fix. Madworld is a perfect example of style over substance. It knows killing and it does it well.

  • Aside from giving batman x-ray vision, easily one of, if not the, best crafted superhero games to date. How rock steady took an established hero franchise and turned it into not only a playable game, but a fantastic one, gives me hope for the future of this genre. I will look upon future hero games with this is the standard. I feel this level of quality could easily be reached if only studios were given the proper amount of time.

  • From the ridiculous action to the sense of style every claptrap has, borderlands oozes personality. I was a bit let down by the lack of ability to store items, trade fairly, or craft your own guns, but who needs that when orange guns could only be one enemy. i found myself using this logic the more and more i murdered. Just one more kill, and I'll finally get that sweet masher revolver i want...the gun addiction was only one angle presented in this game. The enemy style and boss personalities shine such a presence of dedication on the part of the developers. P.S. Me and Sledge are friends now.

  • Having played the original for only a few hours before moving on, I was completely blown away by this game. The sense of destruction was fucking ridiculous. It was like someone took every other open world game and cranked it up to 12. I look upon current games with contempt every time i throw a grenade at a wall only to be met with a black spot, a stain upon the fresh concrete, and not a fresh hole of shattered cinder block. If only total destruction was the current game trend, not regenerating health...

  • There are a lot of easy things to say about this game. Th action is reminiscent of classic top down rpgs, the character progression is fantastic, the story is movie grade, and the atmosphere is uncomfortable and foreboding in just the right way. But what i found most fascinating is how much a love the characters. I honestly spent my time fighting and doing quests just so i could get another conversation option at the camp. I remember getting Sten to maybe kind of respect me was more impactful than defeating a high dragon.

  • I was so concerned for this game coming out. First i was worried they would tone it down for the younger crowd. Then i was concerned for the DS dumbing down what should be a fantastic game. When I finally played my copy, I was concerned about how I was going to put it down. I jumped in and immediately felt overwhelmed, similar to dragon age. On a DS game. I know. This is the fist GTA game to date where i spent more time involved in the side activities than I did doing missions. i thought I would be a tattoo artist for a while after playing this game long enough, I shit you not. Not to mention the drug trading and gun truck hijacking. This is honestly the only DS game i will ever ned.

  • Character customization was fantastic. Had a realistic level of difficulty compared to NG, and the story was junk in just the right way. The selection of weapons was archtypical, but the different styles really made a difference against the different enemies. The setpiece events and boss finishers were so over the top I was almost laughing as much as i was rocking in my seat. This would absolutely be my pick for most unexpected awesome game of 2009. And dude, riding a motorcycle on the side of a midair!? Nuf said.

  • Basically Fate, with the depth of diablo. Truly a winning combination. Its mind blowing how the inclusion of a party member who can sell for you can completely change a game. It flowed so much better without the constant meandering break in flow to step through a warp to town. Also the combination of certain classes made combat so much easier. I didn't ned to be a weak necro without any offensive spells, or a glass cannon with no protection. I could be a spell slinging summoner and love very second of it. My only problem with this game was how much it made me want diablo 3, as if a needed another thing to remind me