(Yet Another) Favorite Games List

Random treasures from years of games.

List items

  • This game completely changed my opinion in regards to FPS gaming on the console.

  • From the hours spent running and begging for SoW to the pick up raids against Vox and Naggy this game stood out as an experience like no other.

  • Although when I was first introduced to SMB I probably played more Burger Time and Top Gun at the time. However this game was one of the new that could be revisited time and time again with never ending appeal.

  • Being a Bhaalspawn is good times indeed.

  • While I truly enjoyed most of what the series had to offer up to American Wasteland this title defined the series for me. From playing with a keyboard on the PC to the console editions there was always fun to be had.

  • A fun game from a time when Rare was the only one keep pace with Nintendo on N64 titles. It really had surprising depth for such fast paced game place that would do well to see a little XBLA/PSN love.

  • A superbly fun game that remained a LAN party standard for years.