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Quick List of Favorite Game from 2016

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  • It's Harvest Moon, but better and made by one dude. I can't talk about it too much for fear that I'll go on another farming bender.

  • The comfiest game of 2016 involving bartenders, androids, wrestling, and dogs. Sometimes at the same time.

  • Here's my secret: I never like Dark Souls or it's fans. UNTIL NOW!! haha but no seriously though some o'ya'll gotta chill

  • It's a breath of fresh air. Changes up a stagnant franchise and introduces a world that feels "real". Also... Kinda sexy?

  • DOOM is maybe the most perfect modern day FPS. It's a shame I'm not much of a fan of the genre.

  • Overwatch is the horniest game ever made.

    I mean, it's a real good time. Much fun. Wow.

  • I love the game, but I hate a lot about it. Laura is a better protagonist than Rean could ever hope to be.

  • A late entry, but deserving nonetheless. I think this is the part where someone hisses the word "style" for a couple minutes.

  • I can't stop playing this series. This is my Dynasty Warriors. Well.. This and Dynasty Warriors.

  • A couple good anime boys go on a car trip. I just wish they either stayed in the car or that everything that isn't the car was better.