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I think Hanzo is OP. He has a huge window for "sniping". It's not really sniping because he can dance around and still have a full field of view and the zone in which he actually hits his target is huge. Then, of course, he has his giant super ability with the dragon. If anything his window needs to be narrowed so he's actually, you know, sniping. Not hailing arrows in a direction and getting instant kills.

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I went back to the game to see how the patch worked and it doesn't seem to be working. Anyone else not getting the update on Steam? Aren't there supposed to be more options like Ambient Occlusion?

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@jedikv Thanks for idea on that. You make a good point. Maybe I'll just play through the Harley Quinn stuff quick and do the refund. I don't want to be stuck with a game that's never fixed. I don't recall if Arkham Origins got this much attention though. Probably not with Steam refunds and all this go around. I wonder if all the refunds are motivation to get it in a more workable state this time. This can't be good PR... you'd have to think all the negative attention would shine a bad light overall - even if the console versions work fine.

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I have all three consoles plus PC. I purchased this on PC because just recently I upgraded it (because of you Witcher 3) and pre-ordered Batman figuring it'd be the best experience. Obviously that didn't pan out. I'm one of the few where the game isn't totally broken on PC however I am really missing on the visual goodies that PS4 offers (not to mention the Scarecrow exclusive). Buuuut, if I do the refund then I give up on having the Harley Quinn pre-order bonus and the 'possibility' that the PC version will turn out good in the end... eventually. I just don't know what to do. Wait it out or go for the refund and get the PS4 version sans HQ.

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Also, Ninja Theory is one of my favorite developers. I want to support them. Looking forward to Hellblade too!

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Looking forward to this. I've heard good things about DMC but stopped buying last gen games in the months leading up to the new consoles. I'm the target market for a lot of these definitive editions. Will buy.

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I'll just reiterate what a lot of others have said. The game is 80% atmosphere and how it makes you 'feel'. It's not really quite in the vein of a horror game. I'd categorize it more as a suspense game. And tension. It has tension for days. No game has put me on edge so consistently for so long. Which loops around to its one flaw - the game is too long to hold that much tension for that long. Sure there are some moments of relief where the alien isn't attacking/hunting you. But you're never really given queues as to when that is so you'll find yourself on edge pretty much the whole game. It can be exhausting but it's glorious at the same time. That said the game is hard to play for any length of time and with it being long on top of that it might take you weeks if not months to completely finish it.

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I've gone all in digital on both the PS4 and Xbox One. I still periodically go back to the 360 and it really sets in how glad I am I made the switch because I don't like having to swap discs out. It can seem petty up front but once you've built an all digital library there is no going back.

I've had no problems with downloads on either console - they're pretty fast and the install is actually a little faster than a disc will be. And with both consoles offering pre-orders you'll be able to have your game downloaded and installed before the release date so you can play right at midnight if you want.

I also like browsing the online stores and if you do pre-order you get the same general pre-order bonuses as a retail outlet. There are some exceptions like Gamestop but even they are starting to offer pre-order digital games (it's basically a code they email you the day of release). Aside from PSN gift cards this is an easy way for friends and family to get you games digitally too now as gifts.

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My wife is joining the PlayStation nation. I've already put my account in this thread but I'll post our again.

Her PSN: Misfitsgirl127

My PSN: MisfitToy

Pacific time

Always nice to see what everyone out there is playing :)

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Hey duders, happy to be part of the GB community and see what everyone out there is doing on PlayStation. My wife and I each have an account: