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Games I haven't finished due to Game ADD

This is a list of games I started within the past 4-5 months that I haven't finished because I bought another game and played the heck out of that one. Then I buy another game and the cycle continues. I will try to put these into chronological order, with the last item being the latest item I purchased but never finished. This list is mostly for myself, but I probably won't get mad at you if you read it.

List items

  • The game is a blast to play, but I have no idea what choices to make during some pivotal quests. It doesn't help that I don't really want to side with any one faction. They all seem like assholes in their own special ways.

  • The end of the third episode really killed my expectations for the last two episodes being great. I am a huge Back to the Future fan, and I feel like these games could've been a lot better considering the talented team behind them.

  • Not sure what happened with me and LA Noire. I just sort of lost interest in it. I definitely plan to come back to it at some point. Maybe even after finishing this list.

  • Hands down, one of the best experiences on the DS. Too bad I lost my DS.

  • Not quite sure if this counts because I borrowed this from a friend. It'll probably be out of his collection for a while. The thing with JRPGs is I like to play them for long periods of time, and I haven't had enough of those lately.

  • -"Hey, I should play Half-Minute Hero!"

    -*plays one or two missions*

    -"Haha, this game is great. Oh, JRPGs. You so wacky."

    -*doesn't play for another ten days*

    Repeat cycle until game is completed.

  • Not a bad game by any means, but the idea that you have to start over after one simple mistake really turns me off to Bit.Trip Runner. It's a huge bummer, because I like pretty much everything else about the game.

  • This game is phenomenal, and one of my favorite titles of this year. But that last level is pretty tough for me. I'll come back to it maybe once a week, but my desire to complete the game apparently isn't strong enough.


  • I bought a Game Boy Micro for some reason, and decided to buy this game for my meager GBA collection. I've actually been playing this often lately, but not for very long periods of time.