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Alcohollout 0

Time and time again, our friends over at Bethesda have illustrated how war refuses to change. What they failed to mention, however, is neither does the human appetite. The world as we know it could be vaporized until nothing but space dust is left and we'll still be floating around, getting ourselves wrapped up in benders on the surface of an asteroid. Case in point, beer is important, and while Fallout 4 is an outstanding achievement in the history of our medium, it missed the mark big-time on ...

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The Funky Rhythm's Comin' Back Atcha 2

I never was able to get my hands on a copy of the original Jet Set Radio (nor a Dreamcast, for that matter), but ever since I saw the case for its sequel on the Xbox at my cousin's house I've always wanted to get my mitts on either one. I wasn't even sure what the game was about when I had first discovered it then, and the only way to find out was to put it in the Xbox and try it out for myself, but, as luck would have it, my relatives had gone and lost it somewhere within the confines of their ...

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Retraux-Review: Hey Pikachu, Whatcha Watchin'? 0

One of the first reviews I ever did for Giant Bomb... and I use the term 'review' incredibly loosely, here... was for a little game called Pokemon Channel. At the time, I was so pent up with aggression and angst that I went and wrote the review in a very sloppy version of the 'angry critic' format that many of you internet young'uns are used to, similar to the Angry Video Game Nerd or the Nostalgia Critic. My naive, 12-year-old self found it hilarious... my current 17-year-old (at the time of t...

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Deja vu all over again, eh? 4

Sly Cooper is an interesting series, to say the least. I cannot say whether or not it was the very first platformer to meld platforming and stealth mechanics together, but I'd be a damn liar if I said it didn't set the bar at its highest. The cast and writing were clever, the cel-shaded environments were enormously detailed, and the controls flowed seamlessly with the action in the game, not to mention the bold risk the developers took in the sequels with expanding the levels into wide-open, spa...

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A remake worth a thousand playthroughs 0

Nobody can tell you how much I played the original Spelunky, and nobody can also tell you how much I sucked at it. Spelunky is a roguelike-platformer hybrid that successfully captures the Indiana Jones feel of amassing treasure and saving damsels while whipping dangerous creatures and discovering unparalleled secrets. I have played the original Spelunky over five-hundred times, and yet I still can't seem to advance very far past the first and second areas, and I'm a platformer whiz with games li...

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Max Payne 3: A Bullet In Time 0

The origins of everyone's favorite pill-popping time manipulation aficionado slash ex-cop trace back to the rise and subsequent reign of the PlayStation 2. Our introduction to Max Payne's tragic universe begins with a punch to the gut with the immediate death of his wife and baby daughter. The perpetrator of their murder was a band of drug-infused psychopaths, and the substance they took in was being produced under the name "Valkyr." From then on, Max sets off on a case to locate and halt the pr...

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One of Mario's longest running spin-offs could use a tune-up 0

Ah, the good ol' mascot kart racer, one of the most popular forms of platformer spin-offs in the market. The trend was set by none other than Nintendo's leading man himself in 1992 with Super Mario Kart, a game that not only had a dozen dazzling tracks and multiplayer functionality but also introduced Mode 7 to the SNES, allowing for a more dignified, flat racing experience. Needless to say, gamers fell in love with the title, and it became a critical success. In tandem, Nintendo released a Mari...

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"Impostor" just about sums it up 0

Batman is known for two things: being ridiculously cool, and having a ridiculously dedicated fanbase. Naturally, it would make sense to dedicate an entire game series to him that encompasses his trademark badassery. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to play a game about the Caped Crusader? He's got a nearly superfluous amount of gadgets, is trained to single-handedly destroy a group of six or more people in hand-to-hand combat without so much as a scratch on him, and is highly intelligent, not ...

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The shining paradigm of all licensed games ever made 0

Licensed games always got the shaft back in the olden days, as anyone would tell you, and Batman was no stranger to mediocre tie-ins. While I can safely say that most of the retro Batman games were at least decent, hardly any of them managed to vitalize Batman's true potential, instead being so-so sidescrollers at best and terrible beat-em-ups at worst. After the golden age of SEGA/Nintendo, Batman went into hibernation, and we didn't hear a murmur of development on a new Batman game for nearly ...

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A neat, destructive sandbox billed to the gills with DLC 0

When I was younger, I played all sorts of games, from Mario to Rock Band to Halo, and even Superman 64. While I enjoyed a fair amount of the titles I played, the games I had the most fun with were the ones where your character ragdolled all over the place upon death. Yep, I was HUGE into games with physics back then, especially games that used Havok, but as fun as it was watching John-117 ricochet spectacularly between sharp rocks off the side of a cliff, none of those games really captured what...

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A flash-to-console release that feels a little baggy 0

Unless you enjoy lingering on flash game sites like Addicting Games, you probably have never heard of Fancy Pants Worlds 1 and 2, and I pity you for it. Fancy Pants is one of the most expertly designed flash games I've ever played. It combines the speediness of Sonic the Hedgehog with parkour-esque flips and tricks. Fancy Pants is an elegant, wonderful game, and if you haven't played the first two games, do yourself a favor... FP 1: http://armorgames.com/play/301/fancy-pants-adventures FP 2: htt...

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A Tale of a King and his (many) Princess(es) 0

Riddle me this, readers... If I told you that this game was sort of a cross between Pikmin and MySims Kingdom, would you run away screaming, or read on in eager excitement? Those who have selected the latter are in for quite a treat. While the premise doesn't exactly look perfect on paper, the execution of this game was made elegantly and brilliantly. Little King's Story is truly a diamond in the rough, a masterful work of art lost in the sea of mediocre Wii titles. However, it isn't without a f...

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It's the Skate game I know and love (with more sponsors) 0

People who know me have a general knowledge of my loyalty to the EA Skate franchise. Ever since I heard the announcement for the first Skate, I was stoked like hell. Unlike the bulbous cash cow that is the Tony Hawk series, Skate seemed to have it all: a realistic control scheme, a large, open environment to skate in, and sweet online play.  Well, it was that time of year again, and a new Skate game rose from the ashes to my delight. This one is more focused on the online aspects of the past tit...

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A Virtual Nostalgia-splosion 0

It's hard to emulate the success of Mario Kart, as seen by games like Pac-Man World Rally and Crash Tag Team Racing. Sure, they're decent, but they were released in a time where good online kart-racing gameplay just didn't exist. Mario Kart Wii, of course, had to include online, but at times it felt so bad and bugged up that I just wouldn't bother playing it.  And then comes along Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing.  Granted, when you see a game like this, you might just call it a rip-off and move ...

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Why should you get this? Just 'Cause. 0

It's hard to imagine where action games like Just Cause 2 haven't taken place yet. Venezuela? Nah. North Korea? Nope. How about Panau?Now we're talking.I'm not talking about a segment of Panau, I'm talking about the whole shabang. Over 400 km of land to travel across, and over 200 locations to explore and flush out.Yeah, I think it'd be safe to say that you won't be finishing this game in 1 week.Just Cause 2's landscape has tons of different climates to make it truly feel like you're in differen...

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