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Let's Play Return of the King: Returning to the Licensed Games of Yesteryear

Remember licensed movie games?

I got into gaming at the turn of the 21st century, and at that time consoles were inundated with movie tie-ins. You'd see them on every conceivable platform, and honestly, a lot of them were garbage. But occasionally, one would rise above and be an actually enjoyable experience. One such game is Return of the King from 2003.

Return of the King is by no means a masterpiece, but it was fun, and more importantly, cooperative. I have fond memories of playing through the entire game with my brother on a snow day, and later tackling those levels with my cousins. It's a fun game, but not necessarily one I revisited much over the years. Until now, that is.

My cousin and I have been playing games together for over a decade, and we decided to record Let's Plays for YouTube. I did Let's Plays several years ago (including a Final Fantasy VII one that I recently resumed), so I was interested in getting back into it. Can we attract fame and fortune? Probably not. But it's a lot of fun, and my cousin's pretty funny. So I decided to share our first Let's Play here.

We're playing through Return of the King together as 1) it's a good, fun game we're both nostalgic about, 2) it gives us a great chance to test out recording gameplay and commentary, and 3) we're both big Lord of the Rings nuts. We're about halfway through the game now, and still working on improving our commentary and banter. But I've been enjoying it, so I hope you will as well.

Interested in revisiting the years of licensed movie tie-ins? Then check it out!

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