The Final Results from the survey on this Membership Mishap

Hello Everyone! 
Here are the results for the Membership survey that I put out, received more than 250 responses, which I guess makes my money worthwhile I hope. 
 Male 97.63%
 Female 1.58%
 Prefer not to answer 0.79%
 __-14 0.39%
 15-19 22.96%
 20-24 51.75%
 25-29 17.90%
 30-34 5.83%
 35-39 0.39%
 40-44 0.39%
 45-__ 0.39%
 Student 51.17%
 Full-Time 17.58%
 Part-Time 14.06%
 Unemployed 14.06%
 Prefer not to answer 3.13%
Those were standard to get a demographic that we are working with. Nothing really surprising there considering the user base of Giant Bomb. Now below is the questions that get more to the point, and are more focused on current Whiskey-Media events. 
Are you going to/Did you sign up for a Whiskey Media Membership?Percent
 Yes (Annually) 27.63%
 Yes (Monthly) 5.84%
 No 42.02%
 Undecided 24.51%
 If No, Why?Percent (Adjusted)
 Not enough content 8.16% (13.77%)
 Too expensive 14.59% (24.64%)
 Dislike the approach Whiskey Media is taking 36.48% (61.59%)
 N/A 40.77%
What is your opinion of Giant Bomb splitting up the Bombcast?Percent
 Frustrating 32.03%
 DISLIKE!!! ANGER!!!!! 21.88%
 It affects the community, but if it is better for them, than I am okay with it. 19.92%
 Meh... 10.16%
 It doesn't affect me 9.38%
 It's a good decision 6.64%
What was your opinion of the "Paid Member" video?Percent
 No opinion 42.19%
 It was funny. 28.12%
 It was done in poor humor. 14.45%
 It missed its mark. 11.72%
 it was boring. 3.52%
Are you going to/ Did you watch The Big Live Live Show Live?Percent
 I will/ I did 47.45%
 Part of it 33.33%
 Will not/ Did not 10.98%
 No, Because of this Membership mess. 8.24%
Did this Membership addition forever change your opinion of Whiskey MediaPercent
 Yes 18.82%
 No 41.96%
 Partially 39.22%
And those are the results, nothing really surprising I thought, pretty standard results. And as always this is only a small contingent of the Giant Bomb community as well as the Whiskey Media community so overall results might be slightly different. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any questions. After all is said and done though this was very profitable for Whiskey Media, and I am sure they will reap the benefits as well as the viewers and readers will reap the lasting benefits as well. 
I hope you all enjoyed the survey.  
P.S. if you would like to read any responses to the last question let me know.