Various aspects of RPG's that I hate...

Well I have been watching through the Persona 4 Endurance run because it is summer time, and with my recent accident, I have a lot of time in which I need to rest up. With that I have noticed somethings about RPG's and have been thinking about RPG's (currently playing through Chaos Rings on the iPod)  and there have been various aspects of the genre that have arisen that frustrate me and things that I dislike about the genre in general. This is not furious monologue coming from some one who has never touched an RPG, in my lifetime the majority of the games that have I have played have been RPG's. I have played through the Rockman EXE series (Megaman Battle Network), various Final Fantasy Tactics games, golden sun games and the list continues. And so to start of a new blog entry here is my... 

   List of aspects in RPG's that I hate.  

  • Attacks that never work against Bosses:   Now this list isn't in any particular order but the first aspect is pretty darn annoying. One example of this is confusion spells, they will work against normal enemies but as soon as you get to a boss the attack never works. I can kind of understand why this would be implemented by developers because it could make some bosses easy if they didn't have anything to guard against it, but there are other ways around it. How about after they are confused the boss has code written in that after he is confused he uses a spell that will guard against confusion for a period of time. Something needs to be set in place that makes it some a certain part of the game isn't rendered completely useless and void.
  •  This battle shouldn't be so long...
     This battle shouldn't be so long...
      Ridiculously long boss battles: This is coming after watching a very long battle against Teddie's "alter ego" and a battle that took about an hour. Eventually you reach a point where the tactics are repeated over and over again to a disgusting point. Now I am not saying all battles should be 2 minutes long, but as the battled reach an hour that is a very long time to be sitting in a single place using the same attacks again and again. Battles should be refreshing and new, and shouldn't dull your mind, they should keep you on the edge of your seat but not last so long that the bottom of your butt begins to flatten out.     
          Level curves shouldn't be crazy
          Level curves shouldn't be crazy
       Insane level curves: I encountered this aspect when I was playing through a later dungeon in Zenonia. I eventually found after trying to progress that there was about a 20 level difference between the first room of the dungeon and, as far as I can tell, close to the end of the dungeon. That paired with a low pace of leveling and incredibly boring enemy types it made the game almost unplayable. To this day I haven't passed that section have no yearning to return to that world or that game. Now, I am okay with a certain amount of grinding, and the feeling of relief and power that comes with it as you reach the next dungeon overpowered a certain amount.
  • Repetitive monster types: I hate seeing some monster in the early game, and having them show up, just differently colored in the later game. I feel like it is lazy on the side of the developers and the designers. Yes, I do understand that other character models take up extra space, and designing new attacks,characters and animations takes a good amount of time, but recolored characters bring the quality of the product down. there is no excitement in fighting a recolored enemy from earlier in the game, it is just boring and lengthens the game in an unnecessary way. One interesting part of RPG's is seeing new attacks as the game progresses and seeing the new animations that come with it, recoloring sprites or models decreases that interest.
  • Certain types of Backtracking: One type of backtracking that I do not like is the type in which you head back to an earlier town and nothing in the town changes and the monsters in that area are pushovers and barely help you level up and increase in power. If I head back to an earlier town I want to see something new, something worth heading back for, and I also want it so that I don't have to painfully work my way through battles that are going to do seemingly nothing for me. I understand that that is a lot of requests but again that is unnecessary lengthening of the game.

Well that is more or less all that I want to say for right now, I am sure there is a lot of aspects of the genre that are frustrating as a whole and I want to know what you guys think. What do you like and dislike about the RPG Genre? One thing that I am waiting to come is one incredible RPG that changes the genre and doesn't stick to the RPG conventions. It would be something like that, which would invigorate a good portion of the Japanese Games developing community and change the perception of the drama. Hopefully a game like that can come along soon.