Favorite games of all-time

I was born in 1991, first system was a N64, so bear that in mind.

List items

  • First game that really awed me as a kid. Awesome adventure from start to finish.

  • I consider this the first "adult" or "mature" game I ever played, as it is far darker and harder than any other Zelda game (haven't played TP). Probably my favorite game of all time.

  • Man, what a great game. Still remember being frustrated from being only 5 stars away from finishing it all.

  • I hear that the previous games are far superior, but this game is awesome. Can still quote most of the team's dialogue to this day.

  • This game. The game that started my completely rational hate towards Pikachu and my at times irrational love of Pokemon. Sigh.

  • Skipping ahead in time, I thought I'd break up the Nintendo-fest with this gem of a game, which really is one of the best games of the last decade.