How to Grow a Mustache

So you want to know how to grow a mustache. Maybe you’re allured by the charm and dashing good looks of those who already sport one. Maybe No-Shave November wasn’t long enough for you. Or maybe you don’t need a reason to use your God-given right to beautiful facial hair. Whatever the cause, you want a mustache. So we’ve compiled a quick guide to get you up and running in no time with your newest manly feature.

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Now we know — you’re probably keen to jump right into it with all the advanced questions. How often should I shave it? What oil should I use? Should I comb it twice daily? But before we get there, there’s a few hurdles we’re going to need to overcome first. As with all things worth doing, preparation is key.

Firstly, you’ll want to decide upon a style for your mustache. You can work out the exact details later; after all, with mustaches, the rule is that if it looks good in the mirror, it’s OK. But you’ll want to have at least a loose idea of the style you’re going for, so you can make sure to allow for growth in the right places. For inspiration, check out our guide to beard styles for men, and see if removing the bottom half of any beard style offers something appealing to you.

You’ll also want to assemble the gear you’ll need. Invest in some proper clippers, or at the very least, some beard scissors and a fine comb. Using your regular head comb and shaving razor simply won’t cut it for the fine work required for a mustache. No pun intended. And for the styling, you’ll want some beard oil, or some beard balm or best mustache wax for fuller styles.


Growing a mustache is, in theory, very simple: just stop shaving. But practically, it’s not that straightforward. You’ll need to be prepared for the mockery of those poor souls who would laugh at a man for doing one of the most naturally manly things he can do. To some extent, this is unavoidable and will require some gentlemanly restraint. But to help the process, you can always consider growing a beard along with your mustache, to camouflage it as you go. People may react slightly more favorably to your growing a beard than to a mustache all on its own. Plus, you’ll always have the option to upgrade to a beard if you decide that it suits you as you go.

You’ll also want to be aware that some men just naturally have different growth rates and densities than others. Don’t fight this; work with your face to achieve a style that suits you and that looks incredible. And don’t be downhearted if you aren’t able to sport as bold and thick a mustache as you’d hoped. There’s nothing like a good beard to give you a second chance.


Once your mustache has reached a decent length and can stand on its own, the fun begins. At this point, you’re freer to play with styles. Of course, it’s generally better to start from a longer style and cut down, but as long as you have something respectable on your face, growing it out will be far less difficult than building up from scratch.

You’ll also want to make sure you keep your beard well groomed and under control; if it gets too long, you may lose that dashingly stylish look you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. Make sure to trim regularly — even as much as daily, depending on how much you want to preserve your style, and how your mustache grows. In terms of styling, you can use your beard balm or mustache wax to style it into shape. You may not need this for a lower-key mustache, but for thicker varieties, it can be useful in sculpting a dashing look right out of 18th-century England.

Another very useful tip is to make use of beard oil to help maintenance of the mustache. But quite simply, the styling and conditioning benefits that apply to your beard apply to your mustache also. Taking a drop or so, gently use your fingertips to rub the oil throughout your mustache, using an outward brushing motion away from the nose. You can follow this up by putting a touch onto the comb itself before you comb the mustache to your desired style. And not only will this give you a shinier, softer and better-looking mustache, but it’ll smell fantastic — both to your nose and to everyone around you. Perfect.

Ultimately, though, mustache cultivation is more an art than a science; and with the proper attitude and a bit of decorum, you’re bound to come up with something that looks good. So don’t worry too much. A true gentleman like you is never going to look unstylish. Just make sure you never cave into the lie that clean-shavenness is the only way to look presentable. That’s nonsense; a good mustache shows more self-respect than the closest shave. So be bold, good sir, and stay ever classy.

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