Starflightin' it old school

I have a funny relationship with Starflight. It's an awesome game and I love the tone, plot, and gameplay of it, but...I never have the attention span to actually get very far into it. Out of determination to actually finish the damn game, I decided to bust out the old Genesis and play it authentically. I quickly learned several things about TVs of the late 80s/early 90s thanks to trying to figure out how to hook up my Genesis(there were about 5 different varieties of anntena setups, a few that said you could use them "if you have cable tv", almost as an afterthought, and there were setups for the (now standard) audio/video cable hookups...that requited optional components that you had to order from sega. Seeing as I didn't have those cables and I somehow doubt Sega is still selling them, I went the cable tv hookup route, which I couldn't quite get to work on my nice big-screen TV. After trying it out on my crappy little TV just in case, I figured out that...I didn't have the cartridge in firmly enough. And the power cord has to be in juuuust the right place to work. Bah! On the bright side, the Genesis is the lightest gaming console known to mankind(as are its controllers. The power plug, on the other hand, is GIGANTIC), so moving it around was easy enough.

With everything in working order, it was time to actually play the damn game. As it turned out...there was still a save on it. Electronic Arts must have put some damn nice battery backup in there for the save to survive for well over 12 years! Despite the fact that I never played Starflight that much as a kid(my dad was the one who played it most of the time), the only save there had my name on it. Funny how that works.

So how far did 6-or-7-year-old me get into the game? ...not very far. I did have a full crew(all with amusingly short, simple names. Bob, Andy, Dot, Roy, and Al? 6 year old girls aren't very creative, I guess :P), mostly humans with one veloxi(what, elowan weren't good enough for me?), and my ship(the ISS Mother? Really?) was outfitted with a full 16 cargo pods, but that was it. I had only played through one in-game day! Which means that once again, I'm stuck in the boring "mine EVERYTHING until you're equipped enough to go forth into the parts of space that have plot in them".

The first thing I managed to do after landing on a planet was damage my ship's engines enough that they didn't work. Horray for failure! I blame it on the fact that I have to press the buttons on the Genesis controller very hard if I want them to respond. Or maybe I've been spoiled by modern controllers with their responding-at-a-light-tap capabilities. I did manage to not go bankrupt and to get the engines repaired, but still.


My dominion expands!

(editor's note:The way uploading images onto blogs works in Giantbomb is retarded. WHY DOES ADDING A NEW IMAGE ERASE *EVERYTHING I WROTE*?)

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This is my lovely region in my lovely game of Simcity 4 that I am making a lovely blog post about since I am in no way annoyed that I randomly lost my entire post because I dared to add a new image. It has lovely areas with lovely names like "New City"(because I somehow forgot to change its name before making it) and "SEA FUCKING PORT"(because the seaports in Seaport were not working for some reason). It has lovely topography because Maxis made the lovely decision to have no random region generation and I didn't feel like using one of the lovely prepacked regions. Some of the lovely water is darker in certain areas because for some reason, the lovely realistic water addin I downloaded only takes effect when you load and save a city.

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This is New City, the big man on campus. Well, to be accurate this is about a sixth of New City. This place is HUGE. Shown here is the downtown area, a more residential area with some high tech industry mixed in, and of course a big fucking lake.

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The northwestern part of New City. Most of this used to be farmland(gogogo cheesing my way to the Farmer's Market), so it's laid out a bit oddly in some places. Now it's mostly the usual mixture of light/medium residential and commerical crap, but I threw in a college for the low low price of $9.99!

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That OTHER part of the city. I meant this to be a nice transition from the farming community to the east to the big city that's going to be the rest of New City, but I foolishly forgot to develop this area until I was well past the point where quaint things like farms would grow. Instead you get, for some reason...a LOT of rich/middle class people and businesses. I suspect that they spend their weekends driving into the farmland and mocking all the manual laborers.

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A closeup of Richfuckland. It definitely makes sense to have all this pop up suddenly after lots of farmland and low income, low-density housing.

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A closeup of the southwestern bit of the city. WE RUN ON SOLAR POWER AND WE LIKE IT. In retrospect, I should have taken all of these shots with New City in perpetual nightime.

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Going a bit north, we're seeing the transition into downtown. I've been playing with one-way roads a lot since I really don't want to tear a lot of stuff down to put in avenues, but continually increasing traffic means that I'm really just delaying the inevitable. As a side-note, anyone playing SC4 without using the Network Addon Mod is doing themselves a gigantic disservice and they should go download the NAM immediately to make the traffic simulation better.

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Now we're on the northern edge of downtown. Having all that land sandwiched between the ocean on one side and a giant lake on the other must be doing wonders for land value or desirability or something. One of these days I should download more custom buildings so that New City doesn't turn into a giant sea of identical skyscrapers, but doing it one at a time is painful and SC4 content creators all seem to have sticks up their asses about letting other people put their work into megapacks or something.

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Another closeup of Richfuckland to top things off. Those lovely trees are a result of some seasonal tree mod I downloaded; in spring they're dark grene, pink and purple, in winte they're DEAD, in summer they're generic, and in fall they're all sorts of bright oranges, red, and yellows.

Coming soon are posts about some other cities, because I figure that doing them all in one post is going to make somebody's computer die.

The Frontier is still a dirty cheater.

Today I finally got through to the silver badg...symbo...PRINT for the battle factory. My experience, written down mostly for my own benefit/boredom, can be summarized as follows:

-Doot doot doot actually winning at the battle factory doot
-He teleported in! TREKIIEEEE!
-His data analyzer-ma-bob is telling him what I rented for this match! CHEEEEATTTER!
-At least he thinks my team is a good set-up? 80%, in fact!
-Oh god his battle sprite. NEEEERRRRD! also what's with his hair it's as weird as Gardenia's
-Machamp is first. I wisely switch from Raichu to Aerodactyl(which gets zilch done to it by Machamp's EQ). Aero dies to Cross Chop after chopping(ha ha ha I made a punny) off about a fourth of its hp with EQ(might as well have used Giga Impact since dactyl died so fast). Hypno finishes it off with Zen Headbutt.
-Next is...LATIAS? OH COME ON THAT'S CHEATING. And it's using Draco Meteor! BUGGER YOU! Ice Punch it to hell Hypno! Hypno survives Draco Meteor no.2 with a mere 6 HP, then kills Latias.
-Last is...HEATRAN? OH COME ON THAT'S EVEN MORE CHEATING. Why don't *I* get any of the legendaries, Mr. Cheater Nerd? HRM? Hypno dies to Earth Power before doing anything; Raichu is my only hope! Dare I use Focus Blast for more damage but piss accuracy, or do I use Thunderbolt for good accuracy but average damage? Well Heatran just USED a Ground Move so I'm fucked if it doesn't die in a turn or two, and I have my doubts that Raichu can Thunderbolt it to death that fast...Focus Blast it is! And it HITS somehow! Heatran lives with 1/4 health and uses...Magma Storm? Oh wait that OHKOed Raichu anyway. Piss off, cheater nerd mc.cheaton. Next time *I* get the Legendaries(ahahahahahha yeah right like the game would be nice to me like that)

Round 2:
-First is Aerodactyl. Stone Edge misses Milotic hilariously, and Milotic OHKOs the batdactyl with one Hydro Pump.
-Next is Articuno(cheeeeeaaaattterrrr). Air Cutter only does 1/4th damage WITH a critical hit; Milotic's Hydro Pump does about 1/3 damage. Sheer Cold AHAHAHA yeah it misses. Then Mirror Coat obviously doesn't work, then...Sheer Cold Hits. Fiddlesticks.
-Typhlosion comes out for some DEATH with FLARE BLITZ.
-Thorton's last Pokemon is...Glalie? Ahahaha. Flare Blitz makes it DIE. (for the record, my last Pokemon was Dragonite. I think *someone* was overcompensating for it)
-And I win. 20 BP for me! Oh and a <s>badge[/s] <s>frontier symbol</s> silver print! (side note:sites that don't let you strikeout are dumb, because they kill ever so many jokes).

As you can see, the programmers still have to resort to the AI being a dirty cheater when they want a "high level" battle against the AI, but sometimes the AI's team is hilariously dead against yours anyway. Now, about the SUPPOSEDLY RANDOM TEAM of the Frontier Brain always having a legendary or two when nobody else ever has any...
(ps. I am highly unlikely to go through any other facilities past the point where I go "okay, I lost again, this is boring, bye" because I am highly unlikely to have the patience to make an UBER AWESOME COMPETITIVE TEAM since that involves grinding and other things I'm too lazy for. The factory is a-ok by me, though. Even if the Brain is somehow the only person who gets any legendaries.)

EDIT: And in the very next run into the factory, Moltres is among my starting choices. Welp.


P3 Failure Run: The Deathening

Super Happy Fun Failure time continues in my game of Persona 3:FES(on expert mode or hard mode or whichever the hell they call it in this game). Last time, our hero Him Him got frustrated with getting 2XP per fight and not having a compendenium, and committed hara-kiri with the aid of some tartarus boss or another.

-Wait it's only one night until the next full moon WHAT THE HELL...wait, this music isn't DANCE! I'M GONNA PUT YOU IN A TRANCE!...1/31? Oops, wrong save. (speaking of which, I wish P3 retained some memory of which save slot you loaded. I'm afraid I might end up accidently overwriting slot 1(which isn't the failure run) and it'll be ALL P3'S FAULT)
-ping! bam! to floor 10! TO THE DEATH WITH THE HANDS!
-Him's still looking cool in his summery MANLY DUDS
-Hey guys exploiting weaknesses helps you beat  bosses did you know that?
-Yay an entire 70 EXP for beating a floor boss. And mazio gems. And Orpheus' bitch ass finally got to level 4.
-Oh hey, the twins on the next floor have Zio and Mazio! Bye Him!
-Nekomata has no weaknesses, so equipping it is only logical. Even if it is a furry of some sort.
-I can get away with rushing enemies on a NEW FLOOR. Shameful it is.
-Holy shit the Juzumaru! I never found that fucking katana in the ENTIRETY OF MY PLAYTHROUGH the first(and only other) time around!
-WHY IS ASPARAS WEAK TO SLASH MY GOD. Scratch that bit about the Juzumaru. I can't wait to get axes/hammers so I can reliably hit shadows again. Also I should probably start paying more attention to the game than I am to my internets, but fuuuuuck Tartarus is BORING. And terrible for XP.
-If I lose one more time I'm starting a NG+ and destroying EVERYTHING BY USING HELEL.
-Fuck Cadenza I am fusing Opheus and/or Asparas into something USEFUL
-You know, this game might not be so bad if you actually GAINED EXPERIENCE FROM FIGHTING. Then you could level up and fuse better personas. They call that better game "persona 4"
-Him goes solo on the lower floors in a misguided attempt to grind. Now he gets 6 xp per fight instead of 2 xp!
-Him is now tired from all that grinding. And I'm tired from Tartarus being a stupid dungeon, so let's get back to the fun part of the game, shall we?
-Oh hey Him is SICK. Yaaaay!
-Maya's online! Yaaaay!, I mean, "have we met?"
-Hi small unsupervised girl at the shrine. Yeah, I'm a bad person!'re way too excited about meeting a bad person. Here, have an octopus, takoyaki. That always shuts the kids up reaaaaal good. Now make way for the Mad Bull! And now I have bribed a small child into wanting to be my friend. NO I CAN'T BE YOUR don't cry. :( Now she just calls me a meanie. I guess I'll hang with some old peeps instead.
-Back to Tartarus. Bleh.
-Him Him leveled up to seven!  Yay!
-Fused Omoikane using Orpheus and Nekomata; fused a better Nekomata using Asparas and Pixie.
-14th floor! Time to look up what this thing's weaknesses are! Yaaaay!
-Dead. With only token help from Yukari, that elec-weak bitch.
-The blocade subtly reminds you that Tartarus is the night version of the school by being made of school desks.
-Kenji's nervous at lunchtime. Is he finally man enough to confess his love to me?
-A private lesson=sex or something. Ah, the minds of teenage boys. Maybe someday I'll have a penis and be able to understa...actually, I think I won't.
-Junpei pokes a tiny hole in the fourth wall by mentioning how ONLY PERSONA USERS can notice special effects on weapons/armor and the po-po doesn't so basically the game's trying to rationalize why you can't tell what the effects are until you buy something.
-And thus, Kenji begins his creepy habit of calling you WAY TOO DAMN MUCH.
-And he's bugging me at lunch again. I think I'm his only friend.
-It's, Hidetoshi. I think I'll take student council over reverse pedo.
-Wait you can teleport back to your room from the save point WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED OF THIS?
-Mitsuru doesn't detect anything, which means that shit is about to go down.
-Priestess dies with ease.
-As a reward from stoping two trains of people from dying, Him gets to hang out with Reverse Pedo.
-Kenji's never kissed a girl before!
-Oooohhhh, NOW I get the goddamn Compendium. Thanks a lot for your stellar customer service, Liz.
-9,200 yen just to summon a base level orpheus is PERFECTLY reasonable! (no I didn't actually summon it)
-JACK FROST(with Dia)
-And I'm bored now. At least thing should get more interesting now that more s-links are opening up and Tartarus is getting more intere...and now that I'm learning to ignore 99% of Tartarus. It's not even legitimate hard, it's just that it varies between cheap(OHOHO YOU THOUGHT YOUR STRATEGY WOULD WIN? WE MADE YOU MISS AT A CRUCIAL MOMENT. Oh, and was that the enemy getting a critical on you?) and boring(hey look, all the shadows here are at least 5 levels below your level! Your prize for winning is 3 xp!). If Jeff and Vinny had done a P3 endurance run it'd be over already because Tartarus is THAT TERRIBLE. Did I mention that Tartarus sucks and I'm glad they included a proper variety of dungeons in P4 along with the ability to gain more than two levels a month? At least now I can get to more of what the failure run is about - failing tests and pissing off social links!

(ps. I do like P3 but god I forgot how terrible Tartarus was. Or maybe I didn't realize it since I hadn't played P4 yet.)


Pokemon Platinum is hilarious

One of my gaming weaknesses is Pokemon - I know the games aren't really GOOD(the story quality in DPt is starting to match what would have been good ten years ago, which is admittedly leagues(har de har) better than the nonexistant plot of RBY): they're all basically the same thing over and over again with a few more widgets, a new map, and shinier graphics; 75% of the gametime in a fully beaten game comes from catching every damn Pokemon and fighting against the cheating AI of the Battle Frontier(/Tower if you're not playing Emerald or Platinum), assuming that you're not one of those terrifying individuals who calls themselves a "competitive battler"(who will throw away a perfectly good Pokemon because its speed IV is a mere 23 instead of the far superior 25 or 26 they set as a bare minimum) in which case obsessively breeding Pokemon and EV training them will add on a good 100+ hours of playtime(I'm serious, I've seen a guy brag that he spent enough total time on Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond that he spent a solid 30 days of his life "playing" those three Pokemon games. Of course, he put it as 720 hours or whatever(divided between each game), but jesus CHRIST.); etc.

And despite all their flaws...I still like them. They're nice games to play when I want something easy without playing a non-game like Animal Crossing or The Sims. There's enough variety in the Pokemon now that you can set up a variety of challenges for yourself without dooming yourself to failure(unlike RBY, where Pokemon were lucky if they got ANY decent moves in their levelupset, let alone any STAB moves, and the TM selection was hilariously awful).

The games are still ridiculous, though. I guess that happens when you craft an RPG for the younger crowd. But just how ridiculous are they?
Out of boredom, I typed out whatever came to mind as I played Platinum a few days ago.  I start off right before busting into the TG hideout after seeing the commanders at each lake. Stop reading if you're afraid of spoilers I guess. Or if you're not in the mood for what's essentially a raw, unedited look at what my brain comes up with at the drop of a hat.

The team:
Surt the Infernape(using him is basically pressing the "win" button), Forneus the Gyarados(slightly less death than Surt, but still strong), Chi You the Rampardos(would be more doom than Surt if not for how slow he is), Uriel the Togekiss(token special attack user), Daisoujou the Probopass(he is the best.), Hariti the Frosslass(the new girl in town). I'm not entirely sure how my team wound up so full of murder, but I'm not complaining.

-Matching the last digit in the lotto now gets you an ultra ball instead of a stupid background. Sweet!
-Looker: Sneak into the hideout of the team galactic? Me:No. Looker:Oh, okay. *stands around doing nothing*
-Time to bust into the TG hideout!
-Cyrus is making a speech at the Veilstone building? Hrm.
-Hariti is having surprisingly good luck freezing stuff with Ice Fang
-Hey, there's a book near the TV room that tells you what the Statue Plate(s) said, and it conveniently highlights the text that was missing from the engravings in Diamond/Pearl.
-Oh god look at all those grunts. And Looker!
-Cyrus is making a speech!
-He says a lot of shit that boils down to "the world sucks, I hate it, empty generalities said to make you guys feel awesome, let's go already"
-Time to fight the crazy fucker. He magically knows that I heard his speech, but HE WAS LYING OH MY GOD. He just wants the world for himself alone, not all of TG. After all, it can't be a complete and perfect world unless it only has Cyrus in it. He also notes that the grunts are useless. Have to agree with him on that one.
-And I win, even though Cyrus is a lot stronger this time around. And he still gives me the Master Ball for no goddamn reason.
-Charon is pretty creepy without being Cyrus Crazy.
-Surt gets kicked out for the Mt.Coronet HM slave because, well, Surt makes battles TOO easy.
-Looker pops up and gives me the black flute. Awesome...or it would be if I didn't have 100 super repels and 90 max repels. Fuck random encounters.
-One of the grunts seems to have caught on to Cyrus' real plan
-Time to fight Jupiter and Mars...but Gabriel has to meddle. Come on dude, I can win by myself.
-And now it's time for DPt to remind us all of how cool it is when Pokemon games actually have a plotline(not that previous generations had weak/nonexistant plots, nosireebob)
-Something's aaaangry.
-Great job Cyrus, you brought out Yog-Soggoth. May the people I like be the first to die, and be spared the insanity and torment of the world to come.
-The great and terrible elder god drags Cyrus into its nether dimension. Oh dear.
-I decline Cynthia's invitation to the Distortion World. Minato goes home, the day is unsaved, and everyone dies.
-Even after going to the Distortion World, you can go through the portal and back to Spear Pillar. That's nice, I guess?
-The Distortion World is trippy as fuck
-Cyrus blathers on about genes.
-Giratina wants to test visitors to the Distortion World? What are you on, Cynthia?
-Mmm, boulder puzzles. The Pokemon games NEVER have enough of those!
-Yes Azelf, I think I get the puzzle by now.
-Tralala I am hopelessly lost tralala
-Ooooh, I just had to TALK TO CYNTHIA to summon that new platform. Pfft, silly games requiring fake human interaction.
-I wasn't trying too hard against Cyrus(I was kinda curious what happened if you lost in the Distortion World...), so I almost lost. Then Forneus's Ice Fang froze Honchkrow solid, I decided that the game WANTED me to win, and I just item spammed my way to victory...or I was going to, but a critical hit Cross Poison from Crobat KOed me. Thankfully I saved before Cyrus, since I'd apparently have to trek all the way back to the last "floor" of the Distortion World otherwise.
-In the rematch, Forneus and Daisoujou turned out to be tremendously useful!
-Cyrus thinks that the Distortion World and Giratina are the same thing? Yeah right. He then shoves the job of <s>stopping Giratina</s> destroying the Distortion World onto me.
-Defeating Giratina makes Cyrus complain that he can't make his new world even if he makes new Red Chains.
-Giratina is a bitch to catch but at least its fight has AWESOME music.
-Catch attempt one:Giratina suicided with Struggle
-My Journal is filled with Distortion World. I used Surf there! And strength! And surf! And strength! And met Distortion World's Cyrus!
-Catch attempt two:Grrrr.
-Attempt 3:Forneus' bite did just a liiiitle too much damage
-Attempt 4:FINALLY CAUGHT. And it shall be named Nyx, because it's a bitch that takes too long to finish the "fight" with.
-Cyrus says the same stuff as he did when I just knocked out Giratina, except he says that the shadowy Pokemon was caught instead of defeated.
-Cynthia gives a cheesy speech about how ~Pokemon Unite Us All ^_^~, but Cyrus SILENCE!es her up.
-Cyrus admits that he has emotions(including, but not limited to:Rage, hatred, and frustration)
-Cyrus still refuses to give up on his perfect world. The man is determined, I'll give him that.
-Mesprit caught with Master Ball, Azelf caught with much bitching. Uxie will be caught later because that would involve going to *shudder* SNOWPOINT.

In conclusion, Pokemon games are weird and I have no excuse for still playing them.


The Failure Run was my best idea ever.

So a couple weeks ago when talking to one of my AIM buddies, I had a brilliant idea for spicing up Persona 3/4 playthroughs. The Failure Run.

In it, one must:
1)Keep all social stats as low as possible. Having them go up for any reason outside of game-enforced stat increases(such as in P3's forced week or so of studying) or participating in certain social links(P4's strength, sun, temperence, devil) is forbbiden. No karaoke or rainy day beef bowl challenges!
2)Bomb every test. This should be simple enough given your utter lack of a knowledge stat, but making sure to answer the questions wrong is also vital. 2+2=6. Remember that.
3)Piss off your s-links as much as possible. This is the really fun part, since you get to pick all the options that are ever so tempting(it's all your fault, Maiko. Hm, sorry b-ball buddies but I'm gonna be an ass and leave(yes I know that particular choice doesn't count for anything anyway since it's the first rank)) but you don't dare pick because you're an OCD bastard. I might...actually see a reversed s-link. It's a once in a lifetime chance. *sniff*
4)Get the bad ending. Mmm, no overly long but not actually difficult final boss. Note that intentionally failing deadline events before the "real" ending choices doesn't count(so no forgetting to rescue someone from the TV/dying against a full moon shadow).

*disclaimer:everything from this point forward will make little sense if you've never played P3, aside from the parts where I whine about how it's so much worse than P4*

So I started a new game of P3(not NG+ - that would involve me having maxed social stats, and that's a no-no!) under the name Him Him(the Answer makes sense now!) and it's been fun so far. Being dense/a jerk is loads of fun, and it's refreshing not having to have a different mask(or should I say...persona? Ohoho.) you have to project to every idiot, pedo, reverse-pedo, and asshole you meet. The only downside so far is that P3 leveling(and moving around the overworld and opening the menu and) seems UNGODLY slow after playing P4(what the hell I'm getting like 2 xp from most fights already come what are level 3 shadows doing higher than the fifth floor or so). Also, WHERE IS MY COMPENDIUM? I want to fuse things but I don't want to get rid of Orpheus(and thus Cadenza) until I can resummon the bastard.
I also made the jump from normal difficulty to expert, and haven't seen much difference yet...aside from the fact that Tartarus is abominable for grinding (2-8 XP per fight? What the hell is that?), and some of the Tartarus bosses are actually hard-ish(although they'd be easier if shuffle time gave me anything resembling a decent variety of personas and if I didn't have to fight 85 shadows to gain a level, but I guess part of it is that I'm not used to bosses having actual weaknesses, back when they had weaknesses. Also, having three physical attack types is weird and annoying and who thought that was a good idea).

ps: Good lord, P3's party members really DID all have the personalities of rocks. Anime cliche rocks. Other than Junpei, he's cool. Also Yukari's voice is 900% more annoying than I remember it being. Also the plot thus far as been "uh, well, there's this DARK HOUR and SHADOWS and you have a PERSONA so fight them." I forgot how phoned in P3's plot is until the last month or two of the game.

Happenings so far:
Kenji is boring. His s-link is boring. I want to insult him for being a reverse pedo, but the dialogue choices aren't there.
Old people are meh. I feel kinda bad that being rude to them in this link is really just tormenting old people with a dead son, but the failure run must march on.
Akihiko has the personality of a rock but I'll be glad when he joins so I'll have a USEFUL party member. Someday I may even be able to kick Yukari off, and I won't miss her for a second.
Sleeping in class is fun!
Died against one of the tartarus bosses but apparently it's weak to strike. Horray for random weaknesses to one of the arbitrary physical catagories! Did people actually complain when P4 simplified this? It actually made sense for once! (the downside is not kickin' rad axe/hammer weapons, but oh well)
I neeeeed my square button navigation feature. Aaaaaaagh. The dorm is so big for no reason! The school is huge for no reason! EVERYTHING HAS SO MUCH WASTED SPACE AND I CAN'T JUST TELEPORT TO THE SECTIONS I NEED TO GO TO! Also, I swear they put your homeroom as far away from the school's exit as possible on purpose.
Blue is a dull theme color.
Tartarus is so. incredibly. boring. If I didn't play my own music while I was in there I'd have "summoned my persona" already.
Speaking of summoning, man the guns lose all impact when you see them used for every. fucking. attack.
Funny how P3 was so awesome at the time but now I can only see how much it sucks compared to P4. Boring party members(aside from Junpei and Shinjiro), clumsy navigation system, terrible dungeon...really, the only part that was BETTER was the ending scenario, but it was so smushed in at the last second that it doesn't really help the plot's cause very much. Then again, P4 slammed you with all the OH THIS IS THE *REAL* FINAL ENEMY stuff at the last minute as well(although it had an actual running plot before then)...P5 had better not do that again, or heads at Atlus will be a-rollin.

Stay tuned for more interesting updates once I reach the part of the game where all the s-links open up, and I get a goddamn compendium and start fusing things(even though the compendium is more expensive in hard mode, but you pretty much have a swimming pool's worth of money after a month or two of in-game time in P3). Even though this blog is probably going to mostly be me rambling about how being a jerk to s-links is fun/why P3 is clunky compared to P4/why I hate the "your party members are controlled by the AI!" gimmick/how tartarus was the worst idea for a dungeon ever.

Maybe I should have done a failure run of P4 instead....naaaah.