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To whom it may concern..

Hey. I'm mostly just starting this to complete a quest, but we'll see what if I can come up with something... let's see...
Let's talk about the return of the Endurance Run. How fucking awesome is that!? And there's TWO!? I love it. Some people probably can't stand to watch 'the same thing' twice but I'm eating it up. Since not everyone will watch both, here are some similarities and differences that I've noticed.
- On average, Jeff and Vinny are funnier. This is the sole reason I prefer the VJ to the BR. Brad is often too worried about gameplay to chime in (maybe if everyone didn't give him such a hard time for those quick looks..) and though Ryan is funny, he can't really play off of Brad and vice versa.
- Brad and Ryan are faster. They don't just blur past the content of the game, but they are less methodical about some things and just get more done in less time. I won't be surprised if it takes Vinny and Jeff an extra 5 episodes or so over Brad and Ryan to finish the game.
- Both pairs seem to pick up on different things. They're different human beings, after all. In the first few episodes, Vinny wasted both of his melee weapons before finding out they were far more powerful than the gun, whereas Brad found out rather quickly. Each pair will often pick up items/medals that the other pair did not. Brad and Ryan finished a side quest in the fourth episode that Vinny and Jeff don't (currently) even know about. These differences, although usually minor, are why it's not so bad to watch both.
I'm really looking forward to the rest of the Endurance Run (both of them!) and I hope both pairs stick with it to the end.