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Toy Soldiers: Cold War is a great way to beat the heat! 0

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review Toy Soldiers: Cold War is the sequel to the XBLA 2010 game, Toy Soldiers.  Made by Signal Studios the original explored the First World War as one of the greatest wars ever planned in a toy box. The sequel is the ultimate “what if” scenario that every child of the 80’s played out. What if the U.S.A. went to war with Soviet Russia? The game mechanics are very similar to the original but advanced because of more advanced warfare. The game is a tower defense ...

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A World of Akimi 0

Akimi Village is here for the PS3. It marks Ninjabee’s (the developer of Akimi Village) first release for the Playstation 3. Akimi Village from the beginning looks very similar to Ninjabee’s own Kefling Games. Does it improve on those games or is it just the closest to a port that Ninjabee is allowed? Akimi Village is a semi-god game that has you gain resources to build buildings that let you refine your resources, rinse and repeat. You’re not alone in this management sim. You have a gro...

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Portal 2 0

 Portal 2 is a video game developed by Valve for PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3. I am reviewing the PC version that includes Steam Play (Valve’s online gaming service for PC and mac) for Mac and PS3. You can play co-op with Mac and PS3 users using your PC version. You also use your same copy and play it on Mac. If you get the game on PS3 you will also get a digital copy of the game for both PC and Mac. Portal 2 is the sequel to the Orange Box collection’s Portal. Portal was originally packag...

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Noby Noby Boy Review 0

   Noby Noby Boy is an interesting $5 game designed by Keita Takahashi creator of Katamari Damacy         Story: In Noby Noby Boy your Mission is to stretch your boy and look at the trophies and try to get them neither is difficult so it is very odd in this aspect. The reason your Stretching your boy as a giant girl outside of the space of earth needs everyone owns the game to stretch their boy. So the girl can stretch to other worlds and moons and in turn will get everyone new...

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A World of Keflings Review 0

          A World of Keflings is the sequel to A Kingdom of Keflings one of the first XBLA Games to add-in avatar support. On a related note, A Kingdom of Keflings also has made its way to the PC semi-recently, but–obviously–without the avatar support. The game, World of Keflings, starts off with you freeing yourself from an iceberg along with a few keflings. You are then introduced to kefskimos, one of three different races of harvesters from three different lands. Early...

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Comic Jumper Review 0

 Comic Jumper is an Xbox live Arcade game by Twisted Pixel. The Game starts out as you take the role of Captain Smiley, a superhero with a smiley face for a head, and a sentient, star-shaped emblem on his chest, appropriately named Star . The game begins with a battle against the Smiley’s and Star’s arch nemesis, Brad, who’s one of those guys that likes tanning oil, and that the girls supposedly go gaga for. He sends his waves of robotic fans at you in a Contra-like sequence. It then is r...

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