All time favorite games

I played my first games on a Commodore VIC-20. Congratulations if you know what that is, and bonus points if you've ever played one! My parents thought it would turn me into a programming whiz kid, but it just made me really, really good at Omega Racer. Alas. But it did introduce me to my favorite hobby - here are my all time favorite games.

List items

  • Never has there been a game that was so tailored to my interests. I'm a pianist by trade and I play jrpgs in my spare time. So a game where Frederic Chopin is a playable character? No brainer. It isn't perfect - the combat is little more than button mashing, and the game is woefully short (23 hours on my first playthrough.) But the music is beautiful, and the story is surprisingly touching (you know, for basically existing inside a fever dream... never change, Japan!)

  • Yeah, so I bought a Dreamcast when it launched. I failed to ever get excited about many of the games, but Space Channel 5 was my intro to the rhythm game genre. The music is catchy and the plot is ridiculous - you are a reporter in space trying to save a spacestation from an alien invasion. How? Through the power of dance, of course! It took me forever to finish this (as I recall, there was a little bit of a button delay) but it was fondest memory of my Dreamcast!

  • Actually two games, but both are good. I prefer part ii, the Serpent Isle. Ultima introduced me to the concept of the RPG, and this game still holds up today. You could bake bread! Best to pretend the series ended here, though I did complete VIII, jumping mini-games and all.

  • Another early rhythm game, I believe it is available for the PSP/Vita. I dare you to play this without getting the songs stuck in your head. "Check and turn the signal to the left/Now turn to the left." Charming characters and a nutty story. I love it.

  • My first Final Fantasy was VIII. They say the first is your favorite (or is that just Dr. Who?) but my favorite is X. I remember actually sobbing at the ending. I love all the characters, even Wakka. I can't wait for the HD remake to come out! Let's just all agree to pretend that X-2 never happened.

  • The PS2 was the best console ever in my opinion. I love Japanese games, and we got some crazy ones translated. A combination of anime style characters and german philosophy? Why not? I know it's cool to hate on Xenosaga, but it's my favorite series. Shion is one of my favorite characters in any game - I love that for once the scientist girl gets to be the heroine.

  • More crazy good PS2 games. The whole trilogy is good, but 2 is the best one. Sadly expensive and hard to find now. I really wish we would get more of these - it's nice to see a different setting and art style from your usual RPG.

  • I don't know why I hesitated to get into this series, because I love this game. I also have a lot of affection for 3, but it loses out for how repetitive Tartarus was.

  • I played a lot of adventure games back in the day, including pretty much the entire Sierra catalog. The Colonel's bequest is my favorite - Laura Bow was pretty much my middle school hero. The structure of the game was really innovative for its time. Too bad the sequel failed to live up to its promise.