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E3 2011 Most Anticipated Games

MjHealy: E3 2011 Most Anticipated Games.

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  • This is probably me most anticipated game of 2011. After watching a gameplay video, this game looks wholeheartedly amazing. So yeah, I'm pretty stoked.

  • It's the sequel to Uncharted 2 ...what else do you want?

  • This was on my E3 2010 list so let's hope they get it out this year, yeah? Seriously though, after watching the gameplay footage at Ubisoft's press conference, Rayman Origins looks gorgeous. It looks great asethically and gameplay-wise.

  • After the pretty good game that was Bioshock 2, its great to see Bioshock back in the hands of the creators. Don't want to see another clip of this game until it is released in 2010.

  • Mass Effect 2 was certainly my favourite game of 2010. Unless Bioware go all "Dragon Age 2" on it, Mass Effect 3 should be a pretty OK game.

  • Never really been a fan of the Tomb Raider but this looks pretty decent. The thing, I will be seeing again at E3 2012...

  • Yeah, it looks a bit too pretenious but it still looks cool. I wouldn't define it as art but I will enjoy the change of pace from the usual cut and thrust of shooting dudes.

  • People have been talking about shooter fatigue for some time, but I never really felt it. Now that we have passed through E3, NOW I know what shooter fatigue is. In other words, fuck you Ghost Recon.

    This still looks pretty nice regardless, even if my PC is ass.

  • Kingdoms of Rich Gallup: Reckoning.

  • While this game is a little more personal to Giant Bomb readers, Bastion actually does pretty nifty. A little bit of Greg Kasavin is never a bad thing

  • Never thought I would have any sort of interest in this game but after hearing Brad have great things to say about it a few weeks back, I shall declare that it has caught some of my interest.

  • I forgot that the original Batman game was my favorite game of 2009. Man, that game was good. After seeing some of Arkham City, seems like it will be pretty good too.


    I had no idea what this game was until it came out and I saw the Quick Look. It. Looked. Awesome. Can't wait to actually play this game on my 360 later this year.

  • With the good number of 3DS games shown off at the Nintendo Press Conference, I think I may buy a 3DS at some point. Watch this space.

  • Now I am just picking random stuff. This game actually does look alright but this list is getting long.

  • After watching a trailer for this recently, I will admit that it is looking a bit rough technically. Then again it isn't out 'til 2012 (though I think its early 2012) but at least the concept seems pretty cool.