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E3 2012 Most Anticipated Games

MjHealy: E3 2012 Most Anticipated Games

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  • Most likely to be my Game of Show. Coming into E3, I thought this would be something special and I don't appear to be wrong. The character interactions are supposedly top-notch and the action show off during the Sony press conference seemed to be a real thrill.

  • Burnout Paradise + Need for Speed Hot Pursuit = Profit.

    Any questions?

  • Talk about the surprise of the show. This one came out of nowhere to captures the minds of those across the internet. We will see how this one turns out but for now it's looking like a winner.

  • Whilst watching the demo for this game, I got the impression the core "painting a white world" mechanic would get repetitive. Sure enough, on level 2, we see a drastic shift. Hopes set high.

  • A more music-focused, more beautiful version of one of the most charming games of last year. My only problem with it is that it is a Wii U exclusive.

  • My interest for Star Wars has waned over the years but this seems to have reset it some. A murky sounding and "dark" story mixed in with some original trilogy goodness. The fact that it's the best game I've ever seen visually ain't half bad either.

  • I've never actually played a Scribblenauts game but this one could be my first - if I plan to buy a Wii U of course. Looks to add on the inventiveness of the first two games with some fun-looking twists.

  • I have grown a bit tired of the Forza Motorsport series so a game looking to throw it into a more-arcadey sprawling open world is fine by me. Arcade racers usually trump simulations in my book.

  • Looks trippy. Tigers. Awesome.

  • I am a bit apologetic for Heavy Rain so a game from the mind of David Cage comes as good news to myself. The facial technology looks incredible and looks to continue Quantic Dreams brand of cinematic insanity.

  • This looks fucking great. A nice mix of Half-Life 2 art, the gameplay of Deus Ex with a sharp dash of magic abilities to change things up. All it needs is a "U".

  • I was never really a Halo fan until Reach came out. I have no interest to go back to the previous entries (never enjoyed the original) but the future is looking bright for the 343 Industries-developed series.

  • I have been thinking more and more to go back and play Blood Money. I may just stick it out and wait for this new entry, which I must say, is looking very tasty in my book.

  • The original XCOM is as old as mine. Yeah, I am a young 'un. The new Firaxis-led entry is looking like a great step forward for the franchise. There is no better turn-based developer out there than Sid Meier and co.

  • I think I have been convinced to buy a 3DS. Fuckers.

  • We end with a bang! I think this one is a bit unfair as it should be out by now. But here we are! This looks good, to be perfectly blunt. Looking like a fine follow-up to a game of few flaws.

  • It's time for Ron Gilbert to wash out that DeathSpank-related bad taste in my mouth. Looking like a very interesting piece of adventure.