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The TF2 Clone That Isn't a TF2 Clone 0

One look at Monday Night Combat and one thing jumps to your mind, "It's a Team Fortress 2 clone!". This really isn't the case, however. Monday Night Combat is a fast-pace addicting little mulitplayer game that just shares TF2's basic art style and general class system. If anything, it shares more of it's concepts with Defence of the Ancients as opposed to TF2.    The always difficult choice. The primary game mode in Monday Night Combat, Crossfire, involves you defending your base, known as...

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The Ambassador of Bleakness 0

Limbo is a strange creature. I mean, just look at it. It takes just the simple ideas of a platformer mixed with some physics-based puzzles and wraps it in a weird world that is teaming with atomsphere. In simple terms, Limbo is Flower with much less of the  pretentiousness.  Limbo doesn't have much of a storyline to speak of. All the plotline for the game can be read when you are actually buying the game and reading it's description on Xbox Live. You are a young buy, lost in "Limbo". The boy has...

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Short but Sweet 0

The idea of paying for new downloadable content for our games is still a young idea. There is still always that question of of how much should one pay for a set of maps or two hours of new single-player content. The question comes to my mind over Mass Effect 2's new downloadable character, Kasumi.  One thing to note about the DLC pack is it's length. I beat it in under a hour. €7 ($7) for just under a hour of content isn't the most pleasing of prices. It all really depends on how much you value ...

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Ridiculous B-Movie: The Video Game 4

Just Cause 2 brings back that basic idea that seems to be gone missing from some video games today, fun. Throw some C4 onto a motorbike, tie it to a chopper and drop it on an enemy base. These dumb silly ideas that the player comes up with is the magic behind Just Cause 2 and even with the slight bump here and there, it all ties up to tight little package.   The smooth opearator himself, Rico Rodriguez.  Returing from the original, you are Rico Rodriguez., CIA Agent and slick Latin lover. He h...

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Free Achievement Points 0

Dash of Destruction is the result of a competition run by Doritos for people to make a Doritos themed game for the Xbox Live Arcade. You play as a dinosaur trying to catch and eat delivery trucks while destroying  cities. You can also play as the truck trying to get away from the dinosaur and delivering Doritos to people.Dinosaur vs TruckIt's a free advergame so the gameplay shallow and repitive. There are two six level campaigns, one with the dinosuar, one with the delivery truck. The twelve le...

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Oblivion with guns? Well that's a good thing. 0

Fallout began as an isometric RPG game back in the mid-90's on the PC. Betheseda Softworks recently pick up the rights to bring out a new Fallout game. Fallout 3 is it. Fallout 3 looks nothing like the first two games in the series as it is viewed from the first (or third) person.  This makes the game feel a lot like Betheseda's most recent game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which is certainly a good thing.Fallout 3 offers many dialouge options. Some of which are very funnyFallout 3 is set in...

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Mario Kart Wii plays it safe and the end result is impressive 2

               Every Nintendo platform has had a Mario Kart game. From the Super Nintendo and now the Wii. The games haven't changed all that much over the years. There are a few improvements in this new version, most work very well but overall the game does not stray far from the Mario Kart Wii formula which is sure not a bad thing.               The game is a lot like the DS version. 32 tracks and 8 cups. The tracks are a mixture of old and new which is where a problem lies. The new maps are g...

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One of the best multiplayer shooters money can buy 0

Team Fortress 2 is addicting. While writing this review I want to play it right now. The gameplay is that good. For those who don't know, Team Fortess 2 is a sequel to a mod which came out out way back for Quake 3. It is a class based online multiplayer shooter. You can choose beetween nine different classes, from the speedy Scout to the all-offensive Heavy Weapons Guy. You play across 7 different maps each with their own special mode. With modes like Capture the Flag and Control Points. Team F...

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It may have some problems, but this a decent shooter 0

First person shooters on the Wii haven't made much of an impact (bar Metroid Prime 3) so far and Medal of Honor Heroes 2 tries to stop that and puts up a good effort at that. A major pro for the game is the online multiplayer. You play across 6 maps in 6 different modes. You use EA Nation to use the online which is a relief that you don't have to use those damn friend codes. The controls in Heroes 2 work well, very well for that matter. Where most Wii ports fall is in the controls department bu...

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Mario is back and has never been better 1

Their have been many many great Mario games over the years. From Super Mario Bros. 3 to Mario 64, they have all been great in many ways. Which means Super Mario Galaxy has a lot to live up to. And being set in space maybe it would be a poor change for Mario. But no. This game lives up to all expectations. The story for the game is hardly different from usual Mario games; Princess Peach is captuered by the king of the Koopa's: Bowser. But this time, Bowser has kidnapped Peach and brought her to ...

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