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Best of 2009

MjsStefan: Best of 2009

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  • Uncharted 2 is my 2009 game of the year. It's wonderful pacing, fantastic storytelling, and smooth game play make this game an experience to remember.

  • One of the best experiences, I've had all year. Wonderful creepy atmosphere that does the Dark Knight the justice he has deserved for many years. No game has come close to accurately portraying its source material as Arkham Asylum.

  • Silky smooth controls combined with a great game play concept, and a good story make this a unforgettable and fun superhero game.

  • A wonderful improvement over the original, Assassins Creed 2 is in many ways the ideal sequel. As a stand alone title, this game gives the player more than he or she asks for and makes the overall experience a fantastic and memorable game.

  • I have stuck with the Ratchet and Clank series since the very beginning. This is by far the most polished and refined entry into the series. A fantastic take on the way clank can be implemented into the game makes the overall experience feel cohesive, and all of it comes together as great conclusion to the "Future"storyline.

  • Borderlands is exactly what I want it to be. A perfect blend between mmo type game play and shooting. The random gun loot is a great touch to a already very satisfying game.

  • An other Bioware RPG in the books to further represent the ideal way to role play. Great character interaction and satisfying strategic game play the lasts for many many hours define this game for me.

  • Yeah, yeah flower is commonly referenced by art farts who want to sound elegant and smarts when talking about game as art in their humanities class. As artsy and pretentious this game can be, this a innovative an beautiful take on interactive media. Fluid controls and a wonderful atmosphere make for satisfying game that stuck with me for days upon completion.

  • Killzone 2 is about as much as improvement over its predecessor as Assassins Creed 2 was. A solid shooter with mind melting graphics give much to care about. The first person cover mechanic worked very well and made for a different game play experience than most shooters. Although a paper thin story with meaningless characters did not impress me by any means. Still a fantastic game.

  • Most might wonder why this isn't on the top of the list. Well I'm in the minority here, but competitive online multiplayer isn't really my thing per say. Anybody who would put this higher would because of said multiplayer. The camping was over the top and fun. The game still keeps that classic Call of Duty charm and amazing game play, but there were better games released this year, I just wish my Xbox live friends would realize this as well and stop playing Cal of Duty in favor of some other fantastic releases.