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Ballad of Gay Tony first impressions

So finally i got around to buying Ballad of Gay Tony. From the outset i was happy to see it was almost 2 Gigs, so i was excited to see how much they added in the expansion. I'm about 2 and a half hours in so right now Luis doesn't really have a motivation to do his missions cause that big GTA Setpiece moment hasnt happened yet which is fine. One aspect im happy about is the weapons. Obviously all of the old weapons are in here and the new weapons are pretty good. The P-90 and AA-12 are really satisfying and help freshen things up. Also in the mix are new explosives that are pretty good and are manually detonated.  
A weak aspect right now are the supporting characters. I think Luis and Tony are great characters but everyone new to the series just isn't really that funny or too charming. Not too say their supper bland but even Lost and Damned had some good new characters. What Im into right now, well this could just be me being an idiot but its the fact that i dont know who will turn on who or who the main villain will be. This element too me is great in keeping me waiting for something great too happen. 
Overall im happy with Ballad of Gay Tony right now. The gameplay feels identical to GTAIV besides the club stuff but it feels compitent and they did add a lot too that universe so this expanision is probably a great buy. Well See how it turns out


so i just got the dvd today and i already watched all of it, every single match and every single bit of it. but dont take it to mean that their isnt a lot of content cause theres 3 discs full of matches. The presentation of the disc is quite amazing. All the menus have a great look and some good pics of hardy. 
Lets begin with the matches. There are some great picks in here like triangle ladder match at WM2000, title match vs punk and triple threat match at armageddon. I have to say they could of added a bit more better matches. I mean how about the ladder match with edge at Extreme Rules or Wrestlemania 25 extreme rules match with Matt Hardy or any of his TLC matches. They do have a bit too many raw and smackdown matches but overall all of the matches are well picked. 
In the first disc their is a sort of documentary about Jeffs career and this is all made into a flashback as jeff is wrestling his final match. I have to say this documentary was quite amazing and a good look at Jeffs career and life. It looked into all aspects of his career and it all seemed real and legit. My only nitpick here is that it begins to turn fake toward the end as Punk and Hardy are talking trash on each other which that is just out of place and silly. Overall its a great look at Jeff. 
If you are a fan of Hardy or even like him a bit I would definetely reccomend this great DVD, its a great buy and i got it for 20 bucks which is a steal (Wal-Mart). 

Madden is actually good this year

I Finally got Madden 09 a couple days ago. Its amazing, Finally a truly next gen madden. Almost every aspect is so fun and enjoyable. The gameplay has been vastly improved to have a more random feeling. This ads to an experience that will keep you very entertained and interested. Though Madden isnt perfect though. Online play isnt too good and is quite Laggy. Also they didnt do to much with the franchise mode. Even with these small setbacks the game is beautiful and has amazing commentary by chris colinsworth. If you skipped Madden iin years past this the madden to get.


Gears 2 impressions

Story- the campaign is actually pretty good. it looks amazing and it actually has a story unlike the first one. It seems most games these days love to use the emotional angle. but in this game it is pretty decent. The games campaign has a lot of variety and i dont want to ruin anything but it sort of has platforming.

Horde- Horde is pretty awsome. Its a 5 player co-op mode that is really fun. even on casual it can get tough. Playing with friends is so fun as you stratigize each move. It can be a tedious if you do the same pattern. Still its fun and a great edition.

Competetive Multiplayer- They have vastley improved the multiplayer. Its great that they have fixed most of the glitches and exploits that were found in the first gears. They raised the player limit to 10 and they added wingman which is a multi team 2v2v2v2v2. Their is also a party system so this time around you can join matches with your friends. Im so glad they added that in. Other nice additions are chainsaw battles which is nice to balance out the battles and meatshields(Using downed enemies as shields). All of these are well balanced. The multiplayer this time around is nearly flawless.


Everyone Check out my list of Idols and tell me what you think???

1. Jeff Gerstmann- JEFF GERSTMANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Ryan Davis- RYAN DAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Brad Shoemaker- Shoemaker, THe best Shoemaker ever
4. Rich Gallup- What else to say besides its F-in Rich
5. Greg Kasivin- U dont want to challange him at any game
6. Bob Colayco- He''s kind of smart, He is working at Blizzard
7. Carrie Gouskos- She Helped make a little game called WARHAMMER



Dont really know what to think about this game? It seems kind of dumb because the shooting looks sloopy and the whole changing the ground seems so gimmicky. But on the other hand the game looks good and the multiplayer seems like it could be good. WHAT DO U GUYS THINK???