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Best Madden games (Best for there time)

This may be complicated but these are the top madden games for their time. Meaning when they came out they either made the biggest impact or were just plain amazing when they came out.

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  • The biggest leap for a madden game. Added in was the franchise mode, better visuals and better gameplay definitely makes this the greatest madden for its time

  • When Madden had been mediocre to average, the Xbox 360 and PS3 were begging for a great football game. Madden NFL 08 was finally released and gave the game a bump up in visuals and fast gameplay to give the next gen consoles a real football game.

  • Madden NFL 2001 was not that good on PS2 and was really a lazily made game. Madden 2002 made the first "next-gen" football game in the PS2 era.

  • While improving on Madden NFL 2004, this game made defensive improvements that evened the playing field making Defense as fun as Offense.

  • Making the game simpler actually helped this game a lot. It came down to what really mattered and that is fun gameplay

  • Its Madden