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Favorite Open World(Sandbox, whatever you want to call it) Games of this generation

Since the release of Sleeping Dogs(Which is a highly underrated game) this subject has came up in my mind more than once. So upfront im not including Infamous or Prototype because I have not played them so kill me if you want. Anyways here's the List and im right

List items

  • Yes of course GTA is number 1. The story itself is better than most 4 star movies. The emotion you get is unspeakable and add in great gunplay and good driving mechanics. You would not think it but the multiplayer is really fun with so many options. Liberty City is worth visiting again

  • If Arkham Assylum was one of the best games of 2009, then how can Arkham City improve on it? well they did, by giving you an open world to explore and upping everything from the combat to the gadgets to the way you traverse around the city. It doesn't hurt that you get a Plethora of Villains to fight

  • True Crime it is not, but this game has a terrific story mixed with amazing combat. Add in amazing atmosphere and memorable characters and this is a truly good game

  • While GTA4 went with a super serious direction, Saints Row 3 went the San Andreas route and went ape shit on Open World Games. Everything from Dildo Weapons to Floating cars this game was really funny but yet deep and fun.

  • The Red Dead franchise had been missing for almost 10 years until Rockstar Games revived this franchise. Turning it into an Open World game breathed new air into this franchise and for it they crafted an incredible adventure that should not be missed.

  • Like Just Cause 2 Assassins Creed 2 really improved upon the first one. Every aspect that held down the first game this sequel improved upon and made an incredible character in Ezio. It doesn't hurt that his adventure is exhilarating and fun throughout.

  • Doing what the first Just Cause did and turning it up by 1000, this game is plain fun. It improves every aspect of the first one, and makes it not just a fun playground but a fun experience.

  • Made by Ex-Rockstar employees nobody expected them to make a super-human open world game. It makes up for the sum of its parts. Having no story line or no real reason to fight bad guys was no problem because leveling up your cop was so enjoyable.

  • When the 360 was begging for a great open world game Saints Row finally came out and it was really cool and a decent GTA clone.

  • For today's standard its not that good, but for the impact it made and its quite enjoyable.