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Video Games That I Have Fond Memories Of (But are not necessarily quality games)

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  • Fairly average third person shooting aside, this game came as a real surprise to me. Maybe it was the lack of real Wild West set games, or the fact that the game was chock full of references to good old Clint, but I was really in love with the setting from day one. The game wasn't very long, but it had a lot of memorable moments. Who played this game and didn't find themselves saying "I'm going to blow you up reeeeeeal good!" at least a few times after? Surprisingly interesting local multiplayer was really icing on the cake.

  • It's 2001, and I'm 11 years old. I'm hanging out at my friend's house, and he shows me this white box he has, he says it's a Dreamcast. This is rural Pennsylvania, I had never even HEARD of a Dreamcast. This game wasn't very good, in fact, some might even call it pretty downright awful. A straight port of an arcade title, the game was severely suffering from Crazy Taxi Syndrome, but lacking the frantic intensity that Crazy Taxi brought to the table. But that didn't much matter, it was shiny, I had stereotypically redneck truckers taunting me, and I was hanging out with my best friend, drinking Jolt.

  • Coming out at a time where everyone wanted to be a Grand Theft Auto clone, and doing so less than a year after GTA3 hit the shelves, I didn't have high hopes for the title, but picked it up on a whim. I was treated to a surprisingly good story, and a free-roam mode that actually had things to DO in it. The game certainly had it's share of issues, however. The game could, at times, become frustratingly difficult, one notorious mission actually had to be patched down and made easier. The separation of the story-mode and the free-roam options also felt incredibly dated. That said, the game did do it's share of amazing things. You could pop tires, you could remove tires, you could free aim, you could steal locked cars. Coming so soon after GTA3, these things all felt incredibly ahead of it's time. It also featured an ambitious wanted system.