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Favorite trailer... has to be the Bayonetta TGS 2008 reveal. It's a bit gratuitous (which probably makes it NSFW? :P), and it's atleast 50/50 not-ingame footage... but it conveys exactly what the game is. The speed, the insanity, the humor, the music.

If you don't like this trailer, Bayonetta probably isn't interesting to you?

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Really shows off the character, how she's fully in control at all times. Not so much a fan of the gratuitous parts, but I don't mind them that much.

Can't think of any other reveal trailer that has taken me from not knowinig what a game is to deciding I had to check it out as quickly. (though there are many good ones in this thread).

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The bottom version of the statue doesn't look very Batman-y to me. In fact, he looks pretty screwed :P

Not my kind of game, not my kind of statue, either way.

@AckbarTheGreat: Apparently, yes. Kind of a jerk thing to be doing, too - friends don't go hitting other people with their friend's escape ships, you know? :)

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@golguin: Probably had their Xboxes on, most likely playing the game? 1000 is nothing, especially considering that he's got 38k+ followers, and a lot of people (like this thread) are sharing the keys on further.

@Messier: It's random, you are as likely to get super-awesome stuff you can use as getting relics for classes you aren't playing.

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@Riboflavin: Have you tinkered with the Steam voice settings? It's accessed in the options/settings. You can set the playback device (it might be using another "mic device" that you don't even know you have) and test if Steam is reading your mic there.

Beyond the ingame voice chat, you can also start voice chat sessions with individual people or groups through Steam's chat interface. Which you could test to see if the problem is in-game or with steam itself. (I kind of assume that Borderlands 2 is pulling voice chat settings from steam, but I could be wrong.)

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@Capum15: Ah, that's a shame - depending on his definition of "evening"; that might make Europeans miss both! (working for morning, sleeping for second).

Ah well, I'm sure there'll be more keys down the line :)

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Corrosive is pretty terrible against shields, while Lightning damage pretty much shorts the shields immediately. So... it sounds like you are doing it backwards. Snipe the eye, then swap to the SMG.

And as far as I can remember; the W4R D3N is a constructor? So... yeah, it pretty much creates additional enemies infinitely.

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After about 30 hours in a 3-player game (around level 28 now), we've been having pretty terrible luck - a single e-tech weapon, no oranges/yellows and only 3(4?) purple items, some of them not good enough to use.

A few interesting weapons, like the shotgun shooting rockets, which I may post in the gun-thread later. But it's been a bit underwhelming and has caused a bit of lootdrama surrounding the few interesting items.

Still loving the game though!

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@MrOldboy: Yes, you got one key from pre-ordering (through premier club), and you get another for each platform you link to SHiFT (through Borderlands 2! Just linking from website rewards you nothing). SHiFT in itself appears to be a customer loyalty reward system in it's infancy.

I am personally torn on the overuse (?) of twitter recently - SOE uses a lot of Twitter in it's Planetside 2 information sharing as well (server status, offers, etc). On the one hand, using Twitter is positive, as it's a seperate system - it's a good way o inform customers of your service being unreachable (unlike posting a notice, on your unreachable webserver, stating that your service is down).

Also, forums are bad at being a communication-channel between users and developers - there's a lot of noise and a lot of misinformation (both intentional and unintentional).

So, yeah... torn. But Twitter is a better method of contacting customers than Facebook, at least.

Maybe we can at least agree on hoping that they find a good way for distributing those keys over longer time? (Also, I doubt they would've built this elaborate system for golden keys, a chest with scaling loot, etc... if it was just for a throwaway pre-order bonus).

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@Shirogane: Look at the video posted in this thread, at 4:19 he says he lied about "being stood up by the crazy bitch".

There are even subtitles.

It's crazy how misquoted that line has gotten, trying to figure out if the Claptrap Revolution was canon/if Marcus died, I've probably seen 2 dozen variations on the quote. He says nothing about shooting.