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Awesome moments in Games [Spoilers]

Just those story moments that video games occasionally do that are just... amazing.

Spoilers, k?

Oh, and it's in no way to complete. I'll fill it out as I think of other moments that were great. One game can have multiple moments - but if it's the same kind of moment, I'll try to collapse them into the same post.

List items

  • The moment when Minerva dismisses Ezio and turns to face the camera. That was an amazing moment that really played to the full potential of the animus as a storytelling device, and one of those moments that give you goose bumps when you are not expecting it.

  • For me, the whole "Would you kindly" reveal just worked on such a deep level. Of course the game is linear, forcing you down the path that you played - but that only made it more effective for me.

  • Basically the "Rules of Nature!"-moment. Which repeats for every boss-fight.

    That seemingly seamless transition from instrumental music to howling "Rules of Nature!" as you turn the tables on the first boss - really setting the pace for the rest of the game.

    And Sam. And Sundowner. Mistral. Monsoon. Armstrong. Bladewolf...

  • One of those crazy-multiplayer moments that happen once in a life-time.

    This occured years ago, in beta. I was playing as an enforcer, being the wheelman of my Patriot V20 Jericho (basically a mustang), a friend hanging out of the passenger window, chasing a convoy of criminals.

    At full-clip, I manage to drift a full 360 around one of the enemy cars - my passenger obliterating the enemy team. All the while Little Boots' "No Brakes" was blasting on the car's sound system. Ridiculous, of course. But magical.

    I think that was the moment when I fell in love with the Fast and the Furious series as well.