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Best of 2009

Mnemoidian: Best of 2009

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  • Sleeper smash-hit of 2009!

    Picked it up on steam and playing again! Doubt I'll get an S-rank there either, but definately going to try! ;)

  • Shadow Complex might not be one of the major titles of the year, but it does have that little something that so many other games lacked - the extra level of polish, where everything just feels so right.

    Also, remembering Super Metroid is never a bad thing.

  • First of all - I don't think that Demon's Souls is THE game of the year. But I think that it it's important to highlight games that tried to be a little bit different, and still managed to be really good, entertaining games.

    I feel that Demon's Souls fits in that category.

  • On the one hand, I don't want to call this the best game of 2009.

    On the other hand, I realize that quality-wise, a game of the year list would not be complete without (Call of Duty 6:)Modern Warfare 2.

    After all, even though the story is over the top, it's still captivating. And then there's Spec Ops and Multiplayer too. Definately one of the games that has entertained me the most during 2009.

    Also, of course, it's the 200 pound Gorilla that's been evacuating the christmas-lineup to Q1 2010 ;)

  • Far from game of the year, especially with it's horrible face animations - but it was the first game I felt like I wanted to get a Platinum trophy for, which I think counts for something, atleast ;)