Best of 2018

2018 was another bad year for me.

A year of loss and stagnation.

But games are good, even if they were hard to enjoy this year.

List items

  • I'm partial with Odyssey, ok?

    But it doesn't matter, end of the year, no game has stayed with me remotely as much as AC: Odyssey - a game I was not sure I would play after the amount of time I poured into AC:Origins (93 hours) - but here I am, at 116 hours in Odyssey, and I can't wait for more content to dive back in.

    I love everything about Kassandra. Absolutely my favorite character of the year!

  • Challenging in that special Lucas Pope way.

    It didn't quite keep me interested the whole way through.

  • Top VR of 2018.

    Unmodded, it's a bit barebones, though.

  • An eternal classic. What's not to like?

  • Flawed masterpiece.

    Typical Dontnod.

  • Touching.

  • I really, really like deck building games, especially when I'm not forced into PvP to play them - Slay the Spire is really fun, but I'm pretty bad at these run based games.

  • Not as good as the first part, but I like it.

  • Another weird Daniel Mullins game. I do like me some good shenanigans with the Steamworks SDK.

  • It's fundamentally flawed, and I do not like the... event... at last year's Game Awards.

    But I do like co-op games, and I hope for more stuff like this. Which will hopefully be better.