Games I played 2018

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  • Interesting, but ultimately, little more than a mobile game.

  • It's almost as clever as the first game, but either it's because I'm expecting it - or it's just that I'm in the wrong headspace for this game.

    It's a clever puzzle game, with some unexpected new game mechanics added (that I didn't expect).

    It's good.

  • I imagine this is kind of what that Trauma Team, the WiiU game that never was released in my region (but I was desperately trying to get hold of) plays like... but very simplified.

    It does some interesting things, but it's very simplistic, though, occasionally surprisingly difficult.

  • I struggled a bit with Volume, may still give that one another chance, but Thomas was Alone may be my favorite game.

    Subsurface Circular isn't as strong as Thomas Was Alone, but it's good. It's short and sweet, and it's not what I expected.

    The callback near the end was fun and playful as well.

  • People have been very negative about FFXV, but I found it fairly charming.

    Well, it's pretty stuffy and stiff along the middle,

    I might even go back and play some of the DLC.

  • A really good deck builder.

    Made me break my "no early access rule, and not regretting it.

  • Torn.

    On the one hand, this is the most polished Far Cry yet, and it's really good. Everything just works. And I actually found myself somewhat excited for the concept of what Far Cry Arcade could be.

    On the other hand, it's also the most hand-holdy and less charming of them. A game where instead of letting me jump off a ledge the game was guiding me towards, it took control from me with a cutscene.

    I'm also not a big fan of the American cult theme. But whatever. It's fine.

  • Charming, but flawed.

    Found myself considering using exploits to get further in the game after just an hour... might come back to it later when I'm in a better mood.

  • I backed this.

    18 hours in, I find it parts perplexing how random it is, and partially so boring and one-note that I can't force myself to continue.

    Story seems decent, though.

  • I love Dontnod. They do great work.

    That said, I think I want to love Vampyr more than I do.

    On the one hand, it reminds me (and is likely heavily inspired by) of Vampire: The Masquerade, a setting I love so much.

    At the same time, Vampyr is flawed.

    I like a lot of the mechanics of the game, but even though the concepts are great together, they don't make the game as good as it could be.

    As an example, the game has a natural push-and-pull difficulty curve - Experience is difficult to get. Unless you indulge in the one thing the game encourages you to spare lives, to be compassionate, but also keeps tempting you with the fast and easy experience you could get from just taking a life...

    But I didn't, and that made the combat challenging. It made the combat a slog, and many of the major fights of the game became very difficult, with multiple instances of where I just was not fast or good enough to escape pretty much instant death - because of how weak I was.

    I was facing level 35-38 enemies while I was only level 28. I did not reach rank 4 with any skill.

    Then there's the dialog system.

    Dontnod are great at telling emotional stories, but as well written as Johnathan Reid is, he's just not as easy to relate to as Max Caulfield.

    So, yeah, I want to like it more than I do - but I quite like it. It's good, but I can't claim it to be something really special.

  • Uh. No.

  • Great game, great setting.

    The DLC is really cool as well!

  • Not the game I wanted it to be...

  • Wanted to love this, but found it a bit hard to get into to.

  • Only VR game that's made me violently motion sick! Impressive! (no, I didn't enjoy it).

    Might try it again without VR at some point, but it seems pretty thin...

  • Proving again, that good VR is amazing and that Rhythm games made well are very fun.

  • Slogfest.

    I was not sure about the first game, but I thought the new mechanics sounded fun.

    But I fell off the game about 20 hours in when I realized I didn't like any of the characters, and the ship combat, which originally sounded interestign, was just a bother.

    Doubt I'll be back to finish it.

  • I do like me some ARPG.

    I want to like Path of Exile more than I do, though. It's a great game, no doubt, but it feels like too much of a commitment for me.

  • Interesting, but doesn't feel like a complete game.

    Really needed a bit more iteration, and probably a good story to hook you in...

  • It's not well made. But it was entertaining for a few hours.

  • Interesting, but not for me, I guess.

  • Loved it!

    It's not as good as Ghost Trick, which I was told it was, but it's quite good!

  • This is weird.

    Conceptually, I loved this, and I had a lot of fun playing this with a friend.

    But the game mechanics were ok at best, and the ending was terrible.

    But... I did have fun?

  • Conceptually interesting. Good intro.

    Practically really bad. Poor pacing, poor UI, one of the buggiest games I've played this year. Not a fan.

  • I like a lot about this game, but I find the retro CRPG vibe really hard to deal with - I wish they would've gone for something that felt more modern.

    But I was really into it - until I ran into a bug that quietly disabled saving, and I lost about 3 to 4 hours of play in a section I really didn't like.

    I may go back and try to finish it, but... not feeling like that's super likely at this point.

  • Had a lot of fun with this, with a friend, but we quickly realized the game has very little crafted content - most of it being generated. And that generation not being great.

    Still fun for a while - and I would play more, just to play with friends.

    The artstyle choice is odd, but, eh, whatever.

  • It's a fun Co-op game.

    Quickly gets a bit challenging though.

  • Super disappointed - because I thought it would be more...

  • Amazing hook, disappointing game.

    Not sure why the developers felt the game needed to be so punishing. But, eh, early access, eh?

    The Intro is among the most intriguing I've experienced in quite a while, unfortunately.

  • Fun little Mobile game. Was fun for a few hours.

  • Darksouls-alike.

    Eventually just lost interest. But cool hook, interesting ideas.

  • It's like a new Chronotrigger.

    And it's good!

    I do think it drives some opinions a little bit hardline at one point of the game, which I felt stuck out a bit.

  • It's still Good.

  • Fun co-op.

  • Weird game, but cool.

    Didn't hook me as much as I wanted, but I do love Daniel Mullins' brand of weird shit.

  • Odd, dystopic and fun.

    Pretty shortlived interest too.

  • Like a relic from the early 2000s - feels like a physics puzzle/toy.

    Like it, but didn't hook me.

  • It might be fairly low friction, but it sure is good!

    I really like the character of Kassandra, and I found it very fun to discover the world.

    And as usual with these games, I wound up reading the actual history of the period.

  • Very interesting. Did get a bit annoyed with it and brute forced some of the puzzles.

    But glad I experienced it, either way.

  • I really loved the start of this game. It's hook is much stronger than Stardew Valley... but eventually, it becomes too fond with introducing new systems - without properly explaining the systems that it has already presented you with.

    And unfortunately, it just feels like each system is almost a game of it's own - and you end up in this situation where you are spinning a dozen different plates... and you just realize there's no motivation for you to keep spinning all of them - until you run into a hard gate on one system leading into another - forcing you to progress in that system.

    It's a good game, and I don't mean to sound so negative about it - buit it just kind of becomes hard work at some point, and that's not really what I signed on for...

  • Played the Switch version a bunch.

    It's still really good. And the console "roll" is greatly overvalued, in my opinion!

  • Reroll on Switch!

    Still one of the best games ever made. So full of joy and cheer, something I really needed this year.

    I do hope they rerelease the second game as well (and probably stop there?), as there are some levels from that game that I really missed here.

    But yeah, I don't think I need *more* Katamari games at this point, unless they have something new to add to the formula - only because the first 2 games were so good.

  • Beautiful and Haunting.

    It didn't grip me as I had hoped, but I'm glad I took a chance on it.

  • Surprisingly good mobile game.

    Actually has gameplay mechanics!