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Games I played 2020

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  • A lot better than 3.

    Didn't really care for the story... but felt like they got the closest to balancing the wizard that they have gotten so far.

    (Played 3-player coop as the Wizard...)

  • I'm got really into Astroneer for a couple of weeks.

    It's still pretty flimsy in places, but it's a good game. I wish there was more you could do with it, though.

  • Played with a friend.

    I really liked it. Bit rough, but touching story.

  • ... I think I will forever be chasing the high of one of my previous games of Stellaris - where I played a Rogue Healthcare network waring on the galaxy, just in an effort of be allowed to make sure that EVERYONE is taken care of...

    Stellaris is fine. But the endgame is weak.

    I might try it again with Federations in a couple of months. I've heard some interesting things...

  • Not bad. But longer than it needs to be. It's fine.

  • Oh man, I was so psyched for this.

    And now I'm so frustrated by it. Started playing on Ultra-violence ("Hard"), went through 2/3rds of the game on that difficulty... then lowered the difficulty to Medium, and eventually "easy" on the last level.

    Not because I couldn't, but because I was just frustrated by the game.

    Doom Eternal at it's core, is pretty good. But it seems confused... it seems to have completely missed what people really liked about the last game. The power fantasy, the amazing way the Doomguy was portrayed... a lot of that is gone in Doom Eternal, and has been replaced by a lot less character from Doomguy - a lot of what I remember of Doom (2016) was stuff like Samuel Hayden pleading with you not to ruin everything you came into contact with... or fistbumping collectibles...

    There's almost none of that here.

    There's also a lot of focus on the story of the character. Which I feel is also a bit confused. Did we really need a Kratos-esque story for Doomguy? Did we need the rich backstory of the Icon of Sin?

    Did we need to introduce a betrayer character?

    Did characters known from the previous game need to have a deep a shady past?

    Maybe they did, but it doesn't feel like it right now.

    But I think the biggest problem with the game is the Marauder. As cool as the concept is... as fun as the concept is... I did not find a single Marauder fight fun. Every time, it was just a relief when it was over.

    I understand the idea that the Marauder is supposed to be the most challenging enemy (also lore!) because you can't brute force the fight... but is that really fun? Is that in the spirit of the rest of the game?

    And most of the time, a Marauder spawns at the very end of an already long fight, forcing you to replay it if you fail.

    The "Rip and tear until it is done..." is a great tagline though.

    It's a good game, but I'm extremely frustrated when I think about the game.

  • Pretty surreal game to be playing during the Covid-19 pandemic, self-isolating and everything...

    I like the game a lot.

    Rough mechanics, but it's a pretty decent story.

  • A lovely little game, with one small thing that annoyed me:

    I do find the avoidance of the elephant in the room to be a bit distracting, even if the story is meant to focus on the heroes and victims of that terrible time...

    But it's such a big elephant, that people are already avoiding talking about.

    I think it would be a lot healthier to speak openly about it.

    As it is, substituting in steampunk, robots and the color red feels a little bit heavy-handed. It would've worked a lot better if they weren't also name-dropping real, actual Poles. It creates a weird dissonance that I'm not a big fan of.

    THAT SAID. I really liked the story about the children - very touching. Right up my alley.

    The puzzles were pretty neat too - even if they occasionally were the parameters of the puzzle was explained poorly, making the puzzle hard to solve.


  • God of War 3 really pissed me off. It took Kratos, an already unlikeable character and really salted the earth.

    For that reason, I did not intend to play God of War.

    But I'm glad I did. They redeem the series, and deliver a good game.

    Doesn't hurt that I've been on a real Greek bender recently, and this is right in my wheelhouse.

  • This is the buggiest game I've experienced in a long time. At some point, all SMGs were transmuted into Medkits, resulting in the benching of a part of my team.

    Assuming the medkit transmutation idea isn't wrong: I've so far lost over 30 items to this bug.

    The second problem is that Chimera squad is extremely repetitive. And extremely limiting.

    And I don't feel like Firaxis has the chops to write characters interesting enough to carry this kind of game. But they aren't terrible...

    Mechanically, when the game is not breaking due to bugs, it is mostly very interesting.

    (Even if I do feel like the game has very odd balancing and pulls some really unfair shit at unfortunate regularlity.)

    That said, I think Chimera Squad is an interesting idea, and I hope they can take concepts of it to improve future games.

  • I don't know what I expected, but I guess I expected something a little bit deeper.

    Played through the game twice. It's fine, but I did not like it much.

  • HZD is pretty cool, but I don't know how much of a lasting impression it will leave on me. I think the story is cool and all, and I would like to know more, but I feel like it's a different game than I expected, and I am a little bit disappointed how mundane it kind of turned out to be.

    It's absolutely fine, it's very good even, but...

  • It's pretty cool.

    I like it, but it's a bit barebones.

  • I really like Terraria, and a new patch, dubbed the "last content patch", 1.4, "Journey's End" was a perfect excuse to dig into it again.

    100+ hours of more terraria with some friends, and - yeah, this is a good, good game.

  • Fallen Order is a competent, light-weight Souls-like game. It's not particularly difficult, unlike most Souls-like, which prefer to be as soul-crushing as possible.

    Instead, there's some light power fantasy happening here.

    It's also, unfortunately one of the best and least offensive Star Wars properties since Force Awakens.

    I say unfortunately, because I really don't like the thing that happens. I understand what they are saying, but I don't like it, it kind of undermines the journey a bit.

    Still, good game. Just don't think it's going to stick around in my mind very long.

  • Not sure what to say about it.

    It's a very strong foundation, but it's clear from any research that the game was effectively "murdered" by the Steam refund policy, as it's very short.

    fwiw, I bought it a few days after release, and only got around to it now.

  • Cute toy.

  • I am currently absolutely craving Cyberpunk, Futurewave, Synthwave stuff. And I'd like to take the edge off that desire before Cyberpunk 2077 shows up, so that I can go into it with reasonable levels of expectations.

    Observer is really cool. They do a lot of world-building. I really like the concept of a gritty Polish society rising up from the ashes of the old super-blocks. It makes a kind of weird sense to me.

    And they really manage to sell the world in the intro.

    And having Rutger Hauer involved is really cool (though, I don't like what they've done with his voice, it feels very processed and low quality?).

    The game mechanics are pretty rough, but I liked a lot of what they were doing with it.

    That said, the game is clearly not for me - the moment the (first?) monster showed up as a gameplay mechanic, I was done. It's not scary, it's just irritating.

    I don't want to waste my time running around dark mazes with a monster on my heels, and as I understand, there are 4 more, increasingly annoying monsters.

    It feels very unneccessary, but whatever - it might just not be the game for me.

    I might watch a playthrough of it on Youtube, and skip the monster sections.

  • Pretty cool take on the visual novel style.

    The roguelite-like gameplay didn't really capture me, though, not sure if I'll be back for a second run.

  • A game I've been watching for a while.

    Kind of bounced off of it though. May come back to it, but somehow it's kind of feeling like a grind...

  • Been very charmed by this for some time, but something about it didn't click with me.

  • Neat Zach-like, with the minor flaw being that it's not as good as Zachtronic made Zachlikes... and at which point, why am I not just spending more time with Magnum Opus.

    I *really* do like the educational factor though.

  • Foundation DLC.

    Originally, was tricked into thinking that the wave-based/horde thing was the Foundation DLC and was deeply disappointed.

    Realized my misake, and quite enjoyed another romp through Control. Nothing peaked quite as high as the Ashtray maze, though.

    Hopefully there'll be more Ahti in the next DLC.

    (Absolutely devastating that there is no HDR support in this game... what?)

  • The story here is pretty meaningless.

    It's a pretty good showcase for someone with a new HDR monitor though, if you know what I'm saying.

  • I think this will be one of my goto games for a while, assuming that they can add enough content to keep me coming back.

    Feels like it should be relatively easy enough to create ships that are random enough (we are not there yet) where every ship is a challenge.

    Already blown through 200 million of my debt... :P

  • Yes. Of course it's not quite as revolutionary as the first SUPER HOT, or SUPER HOT VR, but it's still very good and very entertaining. Might be back do play more of this for some time...

  • Mechanically strong, only complaint would be that it may have been *slightly* short. But on the bright side, it was pretty strong all the way through.

    Couple of moments that were pretty horrifying.

    Good job, all around.

  • Cute distraction for about an hour.

  • I was hoping for something to gut punch me here.

    But I kind of feel like it was an extremely pretty, but very mediocre assassins creed game. Very, very pretty.

    No gut punches, though they did get close at points.

    I'll probably be referencing "Uncle would not approve..." to my friends for a while, though...

  • 2020 sanity booster. Keeping up with friends, playing some boardgames.

    It's not the same...

  • Quite enjoy it, even managed to hit #24 worldwide in Coundown on release day (~1400 seconds?) But I expect that will be pushed down quite far, quite soon - and I'm really not good enough or interested enough to keep pushing that. But fun while it lasted!

    Not really a big fan of Greg Miller though, felt really weird seeing him in this.

    But it's a fine game, and he does an ok job, so... it's fine? I guess. Still weird.

    It's an interesting twist to Solitaire - I'm half-way convinced you can't actually fail a game, unless you really, really, really mess up. Countdown changes things a bit with the time pressure, but that's different, I feel.

  • Up to over 3 days played now... I really like this game. Mechanically, I think this is Supergiant's best game so far.

    Story-based, none of their games have come close to ruining me like Bastion did... but then again, I'm also a lot more worn down these days than then - so maybe that's not their "fault".

    Hades is amazing, either way.

  • Uh, no reason. Just revisiting an old classic?

  • Great bordgame, but terribly developed application. Significant amount of the game is being rendered off-screen...

  • Good boardgame, but not a great implementation.

  • Fantastic game. Some stuff they can improve before they fully release, but I like it a lot.

  • Not bad. But not really connecting with it - I guess I just don't like the music that much.

  • Great feel - kind of makes you feel like a grammaton cleric when everything clicks... and like someone with too many arms and legs when it gets too hard.

    But good VR game!

  • I like it.

  • I love Beat Saber so much, that I'm considering upgrading my VR gear just for it.

  • This is a fantastic lazy-day game. Even when it gets stressful, it's a laugh.

  • Testing RTX, inspired after the LTT event, wanted to test Nightmare difficulty.

    The Quake 2 guns are still kinda bad.

  • You're telling me I can build a machine to do work for me? Sign me up.

    Curiously, it's kind of making me motion sick.

  • Love the voxel raytracing, the destruction.

    I kind of hate the game, even if I kind of understand why it's a timetrial game rather than something more relaxing.

  • This is almost exactly what I wanted Mirror's Edge to be vs what they made Mirror's Edge 2 - the sense of flow is just so stupidly good.