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Games I played 2021

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  • Conan Exiles is really bad.

    The design seems very antagonistic towards the player. It's like they are trying to hurt the player. Spending days and hours just

    And then having the game drop a dragon in your base and destroying most of the progress you have (not) been making is nothing short of infuriating.

    And I was playing cooperatively - I can't imagine doing this with PvP.

    It's been a while since I rage-quit out of a game, but this was it. This did it. I don't want any more of it.

  • It's pretty great.

    It's basically factorio though, so it would be hard to fail.

  • It's really good.

  • Decent platformer, but... didn't really feel satisfying.

    And there's some weird things going on with the female designs that I don't like.

  • Buggy.

    I still kind of feel the same way that I feel about the board game. It's would really benefit from another 20% or so cards to draft from. So, long story short, I still don't know if I like blood rage, but the digital version is kinda bad.

    But I really want to like it.

  • Like all board game adaptations, they are technically poorly made... even if the board game is mechanically pretty good.

    I like splendor, especially as a solitaire experience, which may make the digital version the best version for me. But it's hard to recommend.

  • Love letter is a good card game.

    But Asmodee kind of makes broken digital adaptations.

  • It's still pretty rudimentary, but it's pretty interesting.

  • Pretty good Dark Soul's-like.

    But, I found one of the boss-fights to be an unreasonable spike in difficulty, and I wasn't having fun anymore, so I stopped.

  • Nice, touching, pretty. Pretty good platforming.

    Pretty buggy on PC though - basically crashed if I changed any settings... which is a shame, seems like a game that would do great with HDR.

  • There's a lot of stuff to like with Tyranny. The concept is interesting, positioning you as a "bad guy"-kinda. Your position as an agent of law is also very interesting.

    But... I am increasingly struggling with Obsidian's games. While they often craft very interesting worlds and characters, the game mechanics always leaving me wishing for something... else.

    Much like in Pillars of Eternity, in Tyranny, I struggled to make interesting, effective builds.

    I also ran into a an uninsignificant amount of bugs. Crashing regularly... Both loading and saving took longer and longer the further into the game I got.

    Making matters worse, I found some of the quests resolutions to be nonsensical - where I was presented with all the options, except for the one that I was interested in. Oh well.

    And apparently I managed to avoid a couple of areas - including the Burning Library, which is one of the areas I was the most interested in seeing.

    It's interesting, but I find my self glad that it's over, and pretty annoyed at the game at this point.

    Still, glad I gave it a go.

  • Interesting - and I do like the cyber punk.

    But it's very rail-roading. Except for when it's weirdly not.

    Rough, but very interesting.

  • Finished Valheim in 3-player online coop as of end of march.

    Fantastic survival multiplayer. Absolutely great. May, in the long-run, end up in one of those hallowed halls of evergreen games, like Minecraft - but we'll see what happens with the updates - there's certainly some stuff that needs to change for that to happen.

    I kind of burned myself out by preparing my group for a lot of the early-to-mid encounters with extra preparation - and they carried me to the last 2 bosses. But that's teamwork, right?

    But either way, Valhiem is fantastic.

    Deathsquitos still stress me out.

  • Super charming artstyle, really reminded me of some of the games of my childhood.

    Actually quit this a couple of times, because of how punishing it is occasionally. I did not enjoy the times I died in this game - full "game overs" and resets back to hard save points is an ancient game design that feels very dated, and is not handled well in this game.

    It's a bit... meaningless too, as there's not much weight to the end either way.

    But it's cute, and it reminds me a lot of the SNES games I played as a kid.

  • Weird game, but kind of interesting.

  • I was kind of expecting a pretty cheap sci-fi dark souls with a foundation in discussions of the singularity, existential dread, etc and that's kind of what I got. So far, so good.

    And much as I expected, I wound up unlocking the "hard" ending - which I find to be kind of bullshit, so I'll probably end up dropping it.

    And yeah, I know that people who love these games want this - but it's not what I want, so... meh.


  • It's better than the first game in every way.

    But it's clearly built around being a game that you are supposed to do "runs" of - and I'm just not interested in spending 30+ hours on a "run" and then starting over for a different (but highly similar) experience.

    I got to what I consider is the "late mid-game", still doing missions and collecting henchmen (all research done), and just found that the game just keeps me busy playing whack-a-mole.

    It's not a good experience.

    Also, unless I missed something - it's kind of bullshit that genius selection at the start does not mention which doomsday weapon they have - and instead highly imply that the differences between geniuses is mostly cosmetic.

    Which is clearly not true.

    (I mean, it's still a decent game, if a bit grindy, for whatever reason)

  • Cool, if a bit shallow Tower Defense.

  • I have a long-term love/hate relationship with arcadey racing games - the need for speed series in particular.

    I saved this game for when I picked up a proper HDR monitor - and I was not disappointed. This is a great game for showing off HDR capabilities of a monitor. 10/10, would get my eyes blasted again.

    As for the racing, it's pretty good, if a bit grindy. Then again, it's a racing game - so... what are you supposed to be doing other than racing?

    The surrounding activities (Drift, speed traps, jumps) range from trivial to so difficult that they appear to be impossible to accomplish.

    But the thing that broke my back was the difficulty - especially of the cops vs other racers. The police cars in this game have impossible physics - despite going ~300km/h, you can see the police cars at random intervals accelerate past you at impossible rates - clearly some kind of catch-up mechanic.

    I get it - this makes for more cinematic, exciting situations, but it's not designed together with the rest of the game.

    When the entire point of the game, is getting into long police chases to get your heat up - which are almost impossible to avoid, because a) police spawns randomly around the city while you are driving around, forcing you to either accept that you will be found shortly, or pausing the game and staring at the map every 30 seconds to look for routes where magical police cars have not yet appeared.

    and b) because races has built in police checkpoints, where you will be spotted whatever you do. And making matters worse, the police completely ignores all other cars in the race than you - sometimes, the minimap makes look like they are harassing another racer, but if you ever get anywhere near that racer, the police will peel off of that car and ram you into paste.

    Which brings us to difficulty. I got sick of the police being a brick wall (disclaimer: I'm not a great racer to begin with), so I dropped difficulty to it's lowest setting.

    Guess what? The catch-up mecahnics and aggression of the police vehicles appear to not be impacted by difficulty selection.

    But, the AI of racers are - so instead, I'm competing with racers that at the halfway point of the race takes their foot off of the gas pedal - or, more likely, the catch-up mecahics are reversed.

    In some situations, I was having a head-to-head race with an AI car for the first half of the race - drifting around one another, chasing, etc - all of that cinematic, silly stuff - when suddenly, the car just suddenly disappears in my rearview mirror - to the point where after a few seconds, it's a kilometer behind me... what is this game even?

    But hey, it was fun for the first ~20 hours, before it turned into nothing but a frustrating mess.

  • All the characters are still terrible.

    Game mechanics are satisfying though.

  • Pretty good game, but it's a bit rough to play Hellraid and The Following in 2021.

    Took a while to remember the mechanics.

  • The central game mechanic is both is underutilized and it's achilles heel.

    Less than a handful of missions even play with the concept having a team, which clearly should have been the central mechanic, all things considered.

    The missions that actually played with the team mechanics were the ones that felt the most fleshed out.

    And it's a shame that the permadeath mechanic is optional.

    Unfortunately, none of the characters are interesting - they manage to get Bagsley there kind of after the credits... but that's kind of too late?

    The characters obviously have no personality outside of heavy british accents.

    And the plot twists are not earned and fake-gasp worthy.

    The story is fraught with illogical behavior and inconsistencies...

    And while the foundation of the game is fantastic - it feels great to be moving around in the world, it just feels... unfinished. Like how the "police" will jump out of their cars at random times <- this was the cause of about 90% of my police chases - because they would randomly get out of their cars in front of me.

    The spiderbot is a huge design fault - it's a single tool that can solve effectively all challenges in the game with no penalty. It even undermines the permadeath mechanic with how overwhelmingly powerful it is.

    Occasionally, you'll need another drone that can fly or shoot - but that's usually story-mandated missions.

    This is not what I wanted from Watch Dogs, but I think the character mechanic is really interesting and potentially industry changing - I'm looking forward to seeing what another game can do with it.

  • You know.

    A couple of years ago, this would've made me lose my mind with how much I liked it.

    Now I've stalled for almost a year to play this, because I knew it would disappoint me.

    Not because it's really bad - I'm starting to suspect that something has changed in me. I've seen this.

    It's good. It's got a great message. And I'll probably end up showing it to people.

  • So.

    This is ridiculously pretty. And it shines a pretty stark light on how utterly disappointing Night City is in Cyberpunk 2077 - The Ascent makes that city feel like an average open world city with some lazy neon paint slapped on top of it.

    In comparison, all the Ascent's setting is that cool part in china town from Cyberpunk 2077. It's the promise and threat of Cyberpunk painted clear and true.

    As for the gameplay... it's mostly satisfying. But it's also very poorly balanced, randomly hitting you with unreasonable difficulty spikes - occasionally coupled with situations you can't even back out of the situation to level up or get better gear, you can just grind away at the encounter until you get good or lucky enough to survive.

    And the gear (and skills)... while it showed me numbers that increased, I never felt like I was at the right level of difficulty - every encounter was either extremely challenging, or I was literally plowing through enemies 20 levels my inferior...

    And of course... this leads to money and shops. There didn't seem to be a point in stores- as I seemed to get all weapons from drops?

    And why would I experiment, when my main weapon is claiming 2000+ DPS, and all new guns I see are reported as <500 DPS?

    And then there's the backtracking... sigh. Fair: I did all side-quests, trying to be as efficient as possible - and it seems like the main story is not as bad with backtracking.

    But as mentioned above, the difficulty spikes made me really hesitant to miss out on any content, with fears of running into a brick wall.

    Leading me to run back and forth between areas I had already thought I finished multiple times.

    At some point, I just got bored of even dealing with the "subway fast travel" and started using the "Taxi fast-travel" that the game was seeming to suggest it didn't want me to use. 🤷‍♂️

    Besides, why is the game showing me tutorials every time I visit the first hub - which the game keeps forcing me to revisit because of missions?

    Anyway. This is a cool game, but it's got a lot of design issues.

  • Spoilers, obviously.

    I've followed this game since it was announced. I had some concerns about the length of duration, and some concerns (after getting over having my mind blown) about the A-list actors as voice actors, but I was still looking forward to it.

    ... but now, I kind of feel like this is poorly designed, some instances of moon logic, and I am not a fan at all - I can't tell if the game has no message, or if it's just a very pessimistic world view.

    I hope someone likes it, but this story was not for me, and I'm quite unhappy about the experience of it.

    I also missed out on the "real" ending, and only figured out there was something I could do to "recover" by accident.