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Games I played during 2009.

Wow! I sure played a lot of games this year!  Wonder what I played last year...
 And yes, I did get an Xbox this year, which explains why all the old Xbox games are on this list! ;)

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  • Sleeper hit of 2009! Assumed it was crap, turned out to be amazing!

    As such, I don't really have anything bad to say about it.

  • Significantly better than the first game, and I really enjoyed it - a few sections proved they've not come that far since the first game though - especially the final boss fight, which I did not enjoy one bit.

    That said, after rolling my eyes through the first one, I wasn't expecting to buy this game - but I'm not regretting buying it, atleast!

  • Fun game, over the top.

    Personally, though, I felt like the thin layer of polish seperating it from Diablo wasn't thick enough.

    Also, the PC version really suffers from being ported from consoles.

    Sure, it looks better, but there are so many problems in the User Interface, some times you can only interact with the keyboard, othertimes you have to interact with the mouse. It's just frustrating and poorly done.

    Also, what's the deal with the achievements? Could've gone with either Games for Windows Live or Steam...but picked neither?

    That said, I'll probably go back and play a bit more at some point - atleast to kill some zombies :)

  • After the end of Assassin's Creed (1), I swore I'd not get AC2.

    In the end, I did get it anyway, and liked it - even though it had it's problems.

    Best review I can give it is probably that I got the Platinum trophy and I'm looking forward to AC3!

  • Lovely, lovely destruction! So much fun!

  • Silly slice-and-dice game.

    Better than I expected! :)

  • Didn't really come into the game with high expectations, and I don't feel that the game delivered very highly.

    On the bright side, it felt like a proper Ghostbusters sequel, on the downside, it felt like there should've been a movie.

    *shrug* I don't know.

  • A year without Planetside is a year of sin.

  • Hey, look, it's Halo 3, with stamina instead of shields! ;)

  • Oh, Hey, look, it's Halo 2, with HD graphics!

  • Quite possibly the worst game I've played this year. Do not want.

  • Lots of fun, even if the RTS elements really disappointed me.

    I still want the "Six degrees of Shafer" trophy - but it's unlikely I'll ever stomach playing enough Brütal Legend stage battles for that...

  • Quite some time spent on this as well! :)

  • Fun, and mindbending.

  • Good coop, but I don't see what all the hype is about.

    Gears of War 3, will I get it?

    Well, does it have full coop?

  • Wonderful game! Really brought back wonderful memories of Metroid :)

    Might even go back and try to get an S rank, just because I like the game.

  • I'm a huge Peter Molneux fan, even if his games often disappoint me, I appreciate many of the things the games bring to the table - the small tweaks that make them really stand out.

    That said, had a lot of fun with Fable 2, up to the end, where the final choice really sat poorly with me.

    But I guess that was the point of that choice?


    Might go back and try another playthrough, and to try for a few more achievements.

  • Great game, or Amazing game!?

    I love coop games, and this was definately a high point of the year :)

  • The only thing that made this game palatable was the coop, and even then, we found a lot of problems with it that was just so frustrating that we were barely willing to finish the campaign.

    Nah, I'm done with this.

    (Bet I'll be back within a year going: "huh, it couldn't have been THAT bad, could it?" - Yes, yes it is!)

  • Fun game! And has co-op!

    The last level was rather frustrating though, and pretty much deteriorated to our thief-player doing the entire level alone.

  • Was late to the Uncharted party.

    Got there, found monsters and Nazi's. Rolled my eyes, groaned and hated the game.

    Surprised I got Uncharted 2...

  • Finally finished the main storyline of Fallout 3 earlier this year.

    I had a lot of problems with the game locking up my PS3, which really ruined the game for me - might explain why I've got such a negative feel for it.

    Well, that, and it was basically Post-Apocalyptic-Oblivion, without elves.

  • Not really my cup of tea, but... yeah, it's really well made.

  • Really good game. Kept telling myself I'd be back to finish the "evil" playthrough as well as pick up the platinum trophy... it's not going to happen. They did some great stuff tough :)

  • Regardless of how over the top the story may be - I loved it. Spec Ops? 66 stars have left me at 3 stars short of S-Rank. Still loved it. Multiplayer? Not as good as the rest - but was still good!

    Might come back to get the last 3 stars in Spec Ops and to do some more Multiplayer in 2010, though!