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Ha, I'll definitely be watching. I'm not even sure why but that whole ordeal is super fascinating to me.

Some background info: even the nomination is a big deal in some countries. Germany has a whole 4 hour show (or more than one in some years) just to find that one. Last year the actual winner declined on stage to go to the final:

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The result was that we sent the 2nd place finisher and she ended up getting ZERO points.

So...any favorites so far for the show? I know bookies are amazing at predicting winners, but I haven't heard anything yet. Often I'm not even sure who's winning after watching the show itself to be honest.

Germany's title this year is...ok, better than last years anyways. She won a casting show before so she had a huge bonus going into the vote.

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@ravey said:

I'm looking for the adventure game thread. What happened?

Same here. Where is it?

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The Division ad isnt really terrible or out of place, but the layered ad is pretty aggressive. im thinking that had to be a bug/issue because I, and apparently others, have attempted to view that sort of things ourselves and were unable to.

It's actually gone now for me, too

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This is what I see when I come here.

- The Kia ad has its own cursor with a countdown timer, if it reaches zero it goes into theatre/full screen mode

- The Division ad can play a trailer hovering over the site, it played some giant animated video in the background earlier today by itself

- These ads build up slowly one by one, so it's creating this tower of ads in a timespan of maybe 10s on very fast internet were you can't click on anything because it's resizing itself atleast three times in a row. I'm literally playing "hunt the button" for a while there.

This is completly ridiculous, I would never come here again if I were new.

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Austin's Top 10 page:
is absoutely killing Chrome (version 47.0.2526.106 m) on my PC (Windows 10). It might be the ad as well, but it's showing different ones after refreshing. It was up to about 2GB of RAM usage before I killed it.

edit: Happening on other pages now, too. It seems to be the ad's video player that's causing problems.

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Hearthstone with Alex would actually be really nice. Just a where-the-game-is-at kind of thing

Life is Strange in whatever capacity

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Just curious, but did they ever promise uncapped or higher framerate? Most of the complaints seem to be centered around how it being inexplicably locked at 30 is totally unacceptable, but I don't really see why that's an issue beyond the entitlement of people who have spent thousands of pounds on a monster PC.

Like, if they promised 60 and delivered 30, sure, that's annoying. But if it was never mentioned and the argument is that it 'just shouldn't' be at 30 then that's kind of stupid.

Honestly, unlocked framerate or atleast 60 is a standard on the PC. It's more like they would have had to tell people if it didn't have it. But yeah, there was that Nvidia video.

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I tried the Ctrl + F5 thing actually and it didn't help either. Also, the other browser shouldn't have the same problem if that was why. But maybe that was too early, I just gave up at some point.

I'll report back after the next stream.

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Had a really bad experience yesterday, here's the short version:
- tried to watch the crew talk over the Bethesda converence on and on the frontpage
- the upper stream window never worked, it stayed an empty black box for the whole duration of the stream
- the lower Gamespot stream window worked the whole time
- tried Firefox and Chrome, same thing in both
- there were quite a few other people in chat saying the same thing
- youtube livestreaming is blocked here
- there was no twitch stream this time

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I hope you will have the freedom and success you desire on your future endeavors.