Hmm, Curious

It's been smooth sailing around here lately. Japan has games coming out, the West has games coming out, if I actually had enough money to afford everything it would be bedlam! Fortunately there has been less talk and more play going on with Senjou no Valkyria 2 keeping me busy while I try to take advantage of its horrible scoring system, but on the other side of that Assassin's Creed 2 is a disappointment. Frankly it looks like a PS2 game with a memory expansion to give it more scale. The original game felt as thought it was screwed together more tightly combat wise. I'll probably finish it though since I bought it. More later.


Hurry up and wait

    I want to be able to say "Less talking about games, more playing games!" however January is a slow burn so far. Since I imported Bayonetta (for 360 btw) last year I have nothing until the 12th where Army of Two will hopefully not be garbage (the demo is horrendous over XBL, but not splitscreen for some reason). I guess I can bury myself in homework and trying to convince people that Valkyria's scoring system is garbage before the sequel comes out on the 21st (in japan).


So, I heard GB was a community site?

   After lurking around forums and such since 1999 I figured I'd have a better chance of accidentally doing something useful if I actually wrote things down. I'll just begin with std::cout << "HELLO WORLD!";