Games with major techincal flaws that I enjoy anyway.

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  • No one can deny the ridiculous amount of time it took for textures to load, the game even crashed repeatedly for my friend (on the 360). However I still enjoyed the shooting, and of course the parts where it's not a game (the story). Just please shorten the loading times in the future.

  • So many texture issues, so many multiplayer bugs, yet the time spent with Halo 2 was good.

  • Again textures and frame rate, seeing a pattern?

  • This one is more about latency. Even though broadband was becoming more common, I had more problems playing it than I did with Rogue Spear and the original R6. Also this is where UBI started forcing you to log in to play, hated it then still hate it now.

  • AI and Design issues, but somehow still enjoyed the combat and climbing enough to see it through.