Unique Games

   Sometimes you play a game and it feels familiar but you can never find something exactly like it.

List items

  • Technically a 1v1 fighting game, though not in the traditional sense. The only reason VOOT is here instead of the original is because VOOT is a better representation of the same game.

  • I've tried to nail down the nuts & bolts of this game, the closest I can come up with is X-COM mixed with Valkyrie Profile 2.

  • I thought this would be almost the exact same game as the first, but I am surprised at how much this game adds to the original formula.

  • Still nothing like it (unless someone can point it out to me). It has turn based combo centered combat, all with a time limit constantly lurking over your head. A FAQ is REQUIRED.

  • As much as I love how this game works in theory, I absolutely hate playing it past the first level (enemy HP doesn't scale in a proper way). Sympathy points because it's experimental and borderline abandoned by the devs.

  • This is kind of a cop out, it's up here because it ends a series that has gone on since 1987 in such a grand fashion. The only way we're going to see something on the same level is probably when Valve finally decides to end the Half-Life series in 2029.

  • Hey, something has to represent the light gun category, but as awesome as Time Crisis 2 is, Point Blank 2 is just so crazy in its presentation and a frantic mess to play that you wont see anything like it.