My Thoughts on G4's Top 100 Games of All TIme

If anyone is interested in seeing this new list G4 compiled a day ago, here's the link. If you want to see the list on G4's site itself, here's the link to that, but you have to go through the list by looking at one game at a time.
When I saw this list, I couldn't help cringe at how its formatted. I will say that I'm happy with some of the games' rankings on this list, like Tetris being in the top 5 and Super Mario Bros taking number considering that its the game that brought back gaming in the West. However, I gotta list a few stupid things that are on this list as well as about the list that piss me off! I want to see if you guys agree or not.  

 I'm JB Smoove of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Madden 05 is the best game ever! Trust me, I'm a gamer!
 I'm JB Smoove of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Madden 05 is the best game ever! Trust me, I'm a gamer!

  • This list was compiled from hearing opinions of game developers, which is valid. But they also got opinions from celebrities and athletes to count in the list just to grab freaking attention. Just ask those involved with making the games for this industry as well as the gamers!  
  • There are some massive omissions on this list. WHERE'S HALF LIFE 2?! Yeah Half Life1 made it on the list, but 2 is often considered the best game on the PC by many PC gamers! Also, where the Hell is Super Mario World? Miyamoto himself said SMW is where its at for 2D Mario.
  • While I love to spend time on IPHONE game apps, having a couple of those on Top 100 games ever doesn't sound right to me. I also want to say that its sad to see Angry Birds ranked higher than classics like Mortal Kombat and Contra as well as modern greats like Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2. 
  • There is an utter lack of strategy gaming on this list. Only two strategy games (Civilization 2 and Starcraft) made it on this list. Where's Rome Total War? Where's Age of Empires I or II?! Where's Command and Conquer?! Where are countless other strategy gems that are beloved I swear when I saw nothing for those games, this was how I wanted to react:   
      Oh and I'm not done listing my issues:
  • Why on Earth is Madden NFL 2005 on the list when it was clearly out shined by ESPN NFL 2K5 back in 2004? Oh yeah because its Madden.  
  • Going back to CIv II, that is ranked 62 on the list. That game is ranked too low for something that is considered some of the best games made.
  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater is on the list, but isn't 3 is considered the pinnacle of the Tony Hawk Franchise?
  • I love Wii Sports, but I;m sure you're going to angry some hardcore gamers if that is ranked higher than Silent Hill 2 and Left 4 Dead for best games ever. Expect Valve fans to rage faster than 
Anyway these are a few of my rant-filled comments on G4's mostly dumb list of the Top 100 video games ever made. Tell me if you agree or disagree with the list, I personally think this list sucks and further shows why G4 is a shit channel nowadays, but that's just me. 
EDIT: After reading some of your comments, I do feel kind of silly to rant about G4's best games list. Its a list from G4, a station that lost its reputation as a good channel for gamers a long time ago so who really cares at this point? And its their list and their opinion so it shouldn't effect the way I play my games.