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Potential New Characters that would make Marvel vs Capcom Infinite's roster more interesting

So Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is about to come out and while positive impressions are floating around the gameplay, people still seem bummed about the lackluster base roster. Many have complained that there aren't enough new characters to make this roster stand out. Yes Jedah and Gamora are neat additions, but besides those and the initial roster reveals of Mega Man X and Captain Marvel, the new blood in Infinite is pretty petite. There's 5 new characters that are in the base roster. 6 if you count the revamped Thanos. It doesn't help that there's a season pass that has 6 DLC characters, 2 of which are completely new to the series (Sigma and Black Panther). Also some leakers have indicated that new characters like a female Monster Hunter might be in that season pass too. Many of the roster spots have been taken from veterans from UMvC3, but its character selections that not many fans were wishing to return. I'm happy Sir Arthur is back since he was one of my mains in MvC3, but I can see why people are upset he's in over favorites like Phoenix Wright, Amaterasu and Viewtiful Joe. Also where's She Hulk and MODOK? Still even if those desired veterans came back, we'd still get complaints about the lack of entirely new characters.

I decided to challenge myself in naming 30+ characters from both Marvel and Capcom that have never been playable in the series, but would make Infinite's base roster more interesting if they were there at launch. Heck, these characters might come in as DLC. Also I'm not listing any (or much) X Men characters because while I'd love the X Men to come back, they aren't in the MCU and this game is focusing the Marvel side on the MCU.

Full Disclosure: I haven't played all these games or read these comics, but did research on which characters I think would be good character selections.

List items

  • Of Resident Evil fame. Many were hoping he'd be a new RE rep for Infinite, but instead we got Chris Redfield and Nemesis (over Wesker strangely enough). He probably wouldn't play too differently from Chris since both use firearms, but you could give Leon some unique specials, like have him be chased by a giant boulder from RE4 and have the boulder hit the opponent.

    Also I was gonna have a spot for Jack Baker from RE7 because how could Capcom not strike at the iron while its hot? But apparently non of the Bakers (or any of the new RE7 characters) have pages on GB, so I'm going with Leon here.

  • This was a character that many people thought was a shoe in. Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of Loki in the movies has made the character and the Thor franchise incredibly popular in the mainstream. Yet he doesn't get a villain nod and Ultron and Thanos seem to be selected instead. He'd make for a fun Shang Tsung play style from MK where he could turn into other characters.

  • I don't play modern SF and I know Juri has risen into being one of the franchises most iconic characters. They put C. Viper in MvC3 and yet Juri, a character that's more popular than Viper, doesn't get in Infinite? Her Tae Kwon Do fighting style could be welcome into the series.

  • I think when Captain Marvel was revealed, fans of Kamala Khan were hoping she'd make it. I don't see why not since she's a New Jersey based, shapeshifting teenager. She'd be a more fascinating Dhalsim character as she can extend her limbs and enlarge her fists for a big blow.

  • Since Asura's Wrath came out a year after MvC3, it seemed likely that Asura himself would appear in Infinite, but he's not. Why not? He's an angry demi-god who has different transformations, like one where he can have a total of 6 arms that can create a flurry of punches.

  • Since Luke Cage's main superpower is having bulletproof skin, he'd probably be the easiest character to land parries if he was in this game. I can sse him do other attacks like rushing down with a car door (like on his Netflix show) or just throw random goons at opponents.

  • Edward Falcon is the obvious Power Stone rep for a MvC game, and admittedly any PS character in Infinite would make any PS fan happy (Gourmand too). I picked Rouge because I remember during Power Stone's marketing, she was built up like the Chun Li to Falcon's Ryu, being the girl character most prominent in the advertising. She can throw or use random items PS style, but also can summon fire at will. She may not make it in as DLC though because, well, her Power Stone form is way too scantily clad (Way more than her base form).

  • Another character that has gotten more popular thanks to the movies. Her chaos magic that lets her warp reality would be perfect for MvC! How did Capcom not include her?

  • A roster pick that one Austin Walker would love. There can be a male and female cosmetic variant for Arisen like how Smash had the male and female Wii Fit Trainer and Robin. The Arisen can also use different skills from Longsword and Archistaff skills, to Lightning and Holy Skills.

  • Yet another character that has gotten more popular thanks to the movies. Where's Scarlett Johansson at Capcom? Her stealthy tactics could be interesting, but she has one move called the "Widow Bite" where her two bracelets can send a 30,000 volt shock to superhumans that can stun them from 20 ft away.

  • Infinite has a rather large Mega Man X focus with X and Zero playable and Sigma being DLC. But why hasn't Mega Man's equivalent of Bowser ever been playable in the series? Wily could be like Tron Bonne where he fights in a machine, but can use his UFO. He could even summon his Robot Masters for assist attacks. His level 1 and 2 specials could be his UFO transforming into his larger boss machines that are often the concluding boss fights in Wily's castles. Maybe his level 3 is him turning into an alien?

  • Ok sure. He's the one X Man I'll include because he was in Age of Ultron. Just make him like The Flash from Injustice with a few different moves and you're good.

  • Breath of Fire is one of many forgotten Capcom franchises, or a franchise that Capcom themselves have completely forgotten about. A good character to represent the series is Nina, the female lead of BoF who's a magic user. She could cast hostile spells as well as maybe heal (maybe a good level 2 or 3 special). Also she was considered to be in UMvC3, but was one of the last characters cut.

  • Where's Alfred Molina at?! Half-kidding, but Doctor Octopus would be a fun Spider Man villain to play around with. His metal tentacles could make him into a grappler as he can grab the opponent from a distance. He'd also have a reach advance with not only the tentacles making extended jabs, but could launch Ock himself at enemies.

  • Sure Jedah is in Infinite, but Sasquatch would be a real left field DS rep. He could serve as a giant character (I know he's only 5'5 ft, but whichs about 400 lbs) but also because he's a yeti, he has ice powers that can let him freeze the opposition.

  • Yes we already have Rocket (w/Groot for assists) and Gamora from GoG. But it feels weird that the leader himself is no where to be seen. Star Lord might use firearms, but his special attacks could have him beat someone up to the rhythm of his Mom's cassette tapes. Of course, Capcom would need to get royalty free 70's sounding music because there's no way we'll hear Ain't No Mountain High Enough in MvC.

  • Rivals Schools is in the same position as Power Stone where honestly any RS character in Infinite will make RS fans happy. Batsu would be the first choice, but he fights in a Shotokan style, so we need to get more off the wall. Look no further than Roberto Miura, a part Brazilian, Japanese soccer star who can kick a flurry of flaming soccer balls. He even has the Perfect Save move where if in the air, he'll grab the opponent, piledrive them head on and then finish them off by just kicking them on the ground.

  • Squirrel Girl is a joke character in Marvel lore, but not like Dan where she's super weak. She's a joke character in that for someone who's superpowers include squirrel like agility and communicating to squirrels, she's manages to defeat Marvel's strongest figures. In her debut, she defeated Dr. Doom by calling countless squirrels to bite him until he surrendered. She even beat Wolverine in a sparring fight and Thanos in an actual battle.

  • I remember Onimusha was a big deal on the PS2. Then all the sudden, Capcom hasn't done anything with the franchise besides Onimusha Soul for mobile. Access would be a great character pick as he's a samurai who has a magical gauntlet that lets him equip elemental weapons to slay demons.

  • Falcon may not be the first person you'd want from the movies in Infinite, but he has more abilities in the comics that make him much more fascinating. He has a telepathic link with birds that lets him control many different flocks. He can also see through birds' eyes. Also his acrobatic and aerialist skills would make for good air combo potential.

  • Red Earth is yet another Capcom fighting series that gets the cold shoulder in the MvC series. If they chose someone to represent the franchise, I'd think Leo would be an excellent pick. He has many different moves from rush down sword attacks to a Zangief like spinning piledriver. Also, he's an actual Lion King.

  • Another Marvel shapeshifter. Sandman can transform his hands into big fists, hammers and spiked clubs. He can also create sand duplicates of himself and can absorb Sand around him to make Sandman larger in volume. Also while Venom was in MvC 1 and 2, the Spider Man rogue gallery needs more loves in this series.

  • Phoenix Wright would need to come back first because having a Ace Attorney rep without Wright is wrong. While Edgeworth is the most famous prosecutor in the series, Von Karma would be a more natural fit for MvC. She's also a skilled prosecutor, but attacks using a whip during her court cases. She'd actually be easier to adapt to a fighter than what they did for Wright in UMvC3 since she has an actual weapon.

  • Hey you want a boxer like fighter in Infinite that's not someone obvious like Balrog? Moon Knight has you covered because his alias started out as a heavy weight boxer. He's also big on Helicopters, so he can get his Mooncopter out as his level 3 special, which is equipped with a 20 mm cannon

  • The one Clover protagonist who wasn't in MvC3. After watching that UPF where Ben and Jason shared the PS2 controller when playing God Hand, I can see why people wanted him. He has his roulette wheel where he chooses his special move, from 100 punches to getting a baseball bat to hit an enemy out of the pack.

  • Marvel's equivalent of Amaterasu. He's a giant Bulldog like creature who can teleport. As the name implies, he has a tough jaw that can lock onto anything he bites, which can make him into a grappler like fighter. Also I'm personally hoping Lockjaw is a weird DLC character for Infinite because why wouldn't you play as a teleporting Bulldog?

  • Cyberbots has gotten love in MvC thanks to Jin, the series' protagonist, being playable in 1 and 2. If Capcom wanted to get a new Cyberbots rep, Princess Devilot would be a neat choice. She might be pretty complex because she has her two assistants that help her and I'm not sure how'd she fight on foot. Of course they found a fighting style for Jin so one for Devilot can work out. She can also summon her mech as a level 3 special and attack from inside her mech.

  • I don't know if Deadpool will come back as Infinite DLC, which sucks because he was one of the best characters in 3. Gwenpool could be a good substitute because like DP, she fights with swords, guns, explosives and can break the fourth wall. What's different is that she doesn't have regenerating health and she has a motorcycle.

  • The star of the now inactive Dino Crisis series. She could fight like Jill in MvC2 where she has an arsenal of firearms to use but can also have velociraptors and pterodactyls come in as assist attacks. Since she's a soldier known for fighting dinosaurs, she'd be a great rival to the next character(s) that I'm listing.

  • Here's a new giant that can replace Sentinel and Juggernaut. Devil Dino comes from a world where he seeks revenge on a civilization called the Killer-Folk for murdering his old friend Moon Boy. He has average Human intelligence that also has (surprise) super strength. Devil Dino is only one half of a dual character spot that I'm suggesting with the other half being...

  • Yes there is lore between those two characters. Apparently Moon Girl is a super intelligent, elementary school student who has a device called the Omni-Wave Projector that was accidentally activated and got being's from Devil Dinosaur's world into modern day. She finds Devil Dino and teams up with him. While Devil Dino can be a ground threat, she could jump out for aerial attacks and even use devices of her own to fight the enemy.

  • Bonus: Not really a Capcom character, but his legacy with NES Capcom is there. Pogo stick jump on fools like Haggar, Iron Man and Ghost Rider please!

  • Double down on ducks! Give him that Quak-Fu (yes this is Howard's actual style of martial arts) and we're golden!