Underrated Games from Past and Current Generations

I  plan on making blogs about some of these games as to why these games are so good, yet their rarely mentioned within the gaming community, but this list will serve for what might be a preview to a series of blogs tentatively called Where's the Praise?  Here is a list of games that come off of my mind as underrated games and write down quick comments about each game. If I can get my blog going, write about each game one or two at a time. Enjoy! Though let me worn you, the number of past generation games outweighs the number of current generation games, so my list isn't even in older and newer games.

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So, I like the idea for this list, but I just don't agree with many of the games. Tools of Destruction isn't especially worthy of praise; if anything, A Crack In Time would be a better fit. I disagree that Age of Mythology is even close to as good as Age of Kings, especially when one considers that its campaign was pretty heinously below par. If you've played Star Wars Ep 1 Racer recently, you'll probably see that it doesn't hold up so well; I tried it about a month ago and I did not have a good time, though I remember liking the game as a kid. I definitely preferred Donkey Konga to Jungle Beat, but the song list could very well send me the other way now that I'm not 14.

Not having played Revenge, let me just say that whatever people say is the best Burnout game is almost definitely the best Burnout game as they're all pretty much exactly the same (with the exception of Paradise.)

Also, while I definitely prefer Hit & Run to any other Simpsons game, there's another Simpsons game that people prefer, right? Even then, Hit & Run wasn't necessarily special, it was just rather fun to play.