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A Truly Special Game. Go play Celeste! 0

(Just a heads up, there are a few minor spoilers in this review that mainly discuss components of the first half of Celeste. If you don't want to see these spoilers, maybe not read this review, but I don't go into many serious details on Celeste's gameplay and story.)Celeste is one of those games that you’d never expect it to be an instant classic. Quite frankly, I never heard of Celeste until I saw the January Nintendo Direct Mini and thought it looked decent, but I never got this sudden ...

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(Casual Mode Review) Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick and Co Create What Feels like a Classic, LucasArts Adventure Game 0

I have an attachment towards Rob Gilbert’s games that is perhaps much more different to others. What I mean is that I never got to play classic point and click adventure games like Maniac Mansion or the Monkey Island series, games that put Gilbert and LucasArts on the map in that genre. Weirdly enough, I’m fonder of Gilbert’s work during his Humongous Entertainment days. This was after he left LucasArts and helped co-founded Humongous to make kid friendly adventure games like P...

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An Overlooked Gem that combines the Best of Classic Sega Genesis Titles into One 0

Next week on consoles, one of the most anticipated digital releases will be releasing, and believe it or not it’s a Sonic game (Sonic Mania). Mania looks like it came out for the Sega Saturn and the gameplay footage appears to perfectly mimic what made the 2D Sonic games fun to begin with. But before we get all hyped up for Mania’s release, I want to give some attention to a game that sort of got Sonic right before Sonic Mania (if its good). That game is Freedom Planet, an indie acti...

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