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mockenoff: Best of 2010

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  • Just finished the second playthrough, and the ending still hits just as hard as the first time. I agree a great deal with this Gamer Melodico post, but you know what? I just don't care.

  • I, like many others, thought this was a strictly multiplayer entry into the franchise, but it actually makes for a compelling game both online and off. JUST TELL ME WTF IS GOING ON AT THE END.

  • I swear, when that Fender guitar controller/real guitar/incredibly expensive piece of gaming shenanigans comes out, I'm going to buy it.

  • Dude, just f'ing A, dude. Words cannot express the elation to be had when playing this game.

  • Though many may not see eye-to-eye with me on this, I think BF:BC2 is a far superior game to CoD: Black Ops. Nothing beats sniping dudes from under a tree and then planting C4 on the tank sent to smoke you out. The singleplayer ending, however, was a bit of a cop out for a sequel.

  • Probably the best looking game of 2010 and home to incredibly tight and immensely satisfying combat, GoWIII makes me happy to have spent a buttload of cash on a PS3.

  • Even though all I see is Bomberman on the cover and the story wasn't nearly as dense or as awesome as in the first one and protecting the Little Sisters wasn't my favorite thing in the world and I'm sure the multiplayer could have been a lot better despite being more than enough for this sort of game, I still loved jabbing that massive fucking drill through some splicer faces.

  • The entire first half of the game where you are still learning the battle system and experiencing the constantly rotating storylines and trying to piece together how everyone is (potentially) connected more than makes up for the second half where you are just spamming auto-battle and constantly switching classes to heal up (and, subsequently, watching those god damn accompanying animations) in the midst of 45 minute boss battles. The peak of the game for me was probably when I thought the story took an extremely unexpected dark turn with Sazh and Vanille, but it didn't and it was all downhill from there.

  • Haven't finished it yet, but I know I already love it.

  • What.

  • Never have I been so simultaneously enraged and enamored with a game as I have with Super Meat Boy. This is push me over my breaking point and yes, people will die.

  • All he wants is that dank-ass pie, man, WHY WON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?!

  • Really should have been called Darkhorse because I wasn't really expecting much, but after playing that hour long demo, I went straight to Amazon and bought it. No regrets.

  • This game had so many issues like the inconsistent tone (which I analogously inconsistently liked), downright infuriating game design (just TELL me to axe the guy under the light rather than let me get busted 20 times and think the game is bugged before going to the Internet for answers), hackneyed soundtrack (if I have to hear Rolling Stones or CCR song in an era shooter, I will kill something), and overall lack of good or innovative ideas (who the fwack told Treyarch infinite enemy spawns was still a good idea?), but god damn if the story isn't really interesting and the CoD shooting still as snappy and fun as it was in CoD4.

  • An incredible time sink and infinitely better than GT5. Like, words cannot describe how much more I like this game over GT5.

  • From the main menu song to the 40 ghost trains than YOU then run train on, this game is just so much the right amount of ridiculous that I can't believe it even got made.

  • Didn't play the first DJ Hero and I'm kind of over the whole Hero aesthetic for rhythm games, but Amazon sales are a powerful thing, and I'm glad they are because otherwise I would have missed out on this surprisingly good music making game.

  • Bizarre Creations, may you rest in peace.

  • Friend: Why is everything exploding?


  • I can't really put my finger on what I liked about this game nor for what I hated, but when the credits came a-rolling, I knew I like it.

  • Nothing in this game is original except for the name, but it's so fun playing through this mishmash of aped game ideas.

  • Who is making all of these trademark-infringing characters?

  • My only question is what happened to the last Prince of Persia reboot? That was my 2nd favorite after Sands of Time.

  • All right, so it's not all THAT great of a game, but dicking around with Force powers is always fun.

  • Exactly what the franchise needed. Even 20 years from now, it will be abundantly clear that NMH2 made NMH1 look sterile by comparison.

  • Lemmings. Yes.