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oh god.. just when i thought I was out... must.. resist... never got good at this game (mostly because I started a year ago and don't have a lot of time). That said:

Are you guys finding lots of fun times together? I was a member of Eve University and found it frustratingly slow at times. taught me a LOT about the game but for a North American player the schedules were a little tough.

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Thank you for the personal view into your past Alex. A great article. For those of us who never made it to gaming critique (despite a love of games) this is a great view into the drivers for one person.

Quick question: have you assigned "terms as nebulously subjective as" beautiful to any games?

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One commenter motioned the view point of men which I think is poignant. Another has indicated their distaste for Patrick which is quite frankly ridiculous. i think we need to internalize that there are business people who say yes and great sales people who build a yes in front of marketing teams with terrible ideas. Bottom line on this issue is as follows:

Exec:"What if it causes feminist reaction?"

Marketing/Sales guy: "Then the internet will react and we will get free advertising"

Exec: "Oh. Then do it."

Marketing/Sales guy:"OK!"

-two months later-

Exec: "I just got a phone call from some website about this..."

Marketing/Sales Guy: "It worked!! Also, i saved your money in advertising fees."

Exec: "wait... who is reactiong?"

Marketing/Sales Guy:"Women... mostly"

Exec:"Women don't play games!! I've seen the demographics..."

Marketing/Sales Guy: "Well.. women do play games."

Exec:"I get that... do we have bikini clad women and zombies in this game?"

Marketing/Sales Guy:"Yes."

Exec:"... why didn't they react to that?"

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spectacular opening! consider me hooked!

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Intel Q9600


ATI HD 5670

Win7 64b


after years of playing on consoles I decided to take the plunge and try PC Gaming. Steam is a godsend. Spectacular thread!