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6 games that are hard to S-Rank

I haven't played all these games but looking at the achievements it must be hard. And its all for the Steam versions. In not order.

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  • Some achievements are easy to get but what makes it hard is having to get the achievements Beating a world without deaths(The End and Cotton Alley dark worlds) I will never believe a person beat it unless I see it with my own eyes.

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  • The achievements are not hard to get but looking at the achievments they look like they need multiple play thoughs. And seeing how bad this game is I dont even want to play it.

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  • 394 achievements and always adding that will be hard to S-Rank on. And you have to be pro with every class to get some or go on an idle server and get them easy. The Blockbuster(100,000 views on a youtube replay) is probably the hardest to get. My most viewed video has 29 views.

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  • Not hard but annoying. Some of the achievements are annoying to get like collect all XP in a level or dont take damage in a level. But the hardest one has to be to beat the last level on the highest setting without any deaths.

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  • THere are over 100 achievements And some of them you have to get each skill to the highest level and another one beat Lord Dredmor on the highest setting.

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  • Play with Garry and waste a year of your life seem impossible