Persona 4's Teddie "Un-bear-able" Game Title Puns

Teddie from Persona 4 is cute, simple in the head, but cute. . Nevertheless, he does like a good pun and plays on words. In honor of Teddie and Teddies everywhere, I have tried to create a list of pun titled games that is less exhaustive - as to be less exhausting - but is short and sweet.

So, without further adieu, I present the best game title puns I could make on short notice.

List items

  • See he's a under cover...ah underwater agent. With me so far? And, his name is [snort] James Pond. Get it?! He is a frog secret agent named, James Pond!

  • Baseball and softball are played on a diamond shaped field. And, there is dirt around the bases, that when you slide... Right! Its a dusty diamond. It is the sort of clever punnery only high-class people would get.

  • The origins of idiom of 'like a bat out of hell' are probably to complex to trace. Its older than the 70s album by Meat Loaf...probably. Anywho, a guy in the series is named Gat and the game play has to go with the devil or getting out of hell literally. So like a "Gat out of Hell" is therefore, if not funny, at least appropriate for the game title.

  • In the army, a Major is ranked between Captain and Lt Colonel. Like Maj Burns whom we all love from M.A.S.H. In the English launague "major" is an adjective meaning 'important, serious, or significant'. And, like all Army Men games, this one probably was literally majorly malfunctioning. See, it just works on SO MANY levels aside from being a figurative turn of speech.

  • 'Trials and tribulations' is used to say someone or something is being tested, as in "She went through all the trials and tribulations of being sneaking backstage only to find-out Justin Bieber was a twat." Now, very related to that use of 'trail' is the legal definition that is 'a formal examination of evidence before a judge'. Judgement by a judge is a 'trial and tribulation' as well - even if you aren't guilty. So, this title is a clever, if mild milk-toast, pun. However, with all these other crap games, I figured a good game like Phoenix Wright should be on this list to balance things out in favor of the good.

  • Link is the main character of these games called Zelds, and he goes to the past and he... Well you get it, it not that hard. All you need know is it is a good game with a solid pun in the title.

  • Wait. Maybe, this is not even a pun! This could just be a dull and very boring description of the game, literally the trains on tracks. Well, lets give it the benefit of the doubt that they meant "on track" as in 'on schedule; progressing as planned'. Also, let give a golf clap to a DS game that doesn't use the stupid word play of using a words with a "D" and "S".

  • You fight Russians in this game. You rush and attack enemy units in this game. However, I have put it on this list because this is probably the title you thought of first when I said, "game title puns". It is a classic.

  • This one is on her for our friend Austin who went to bat for this game at for GOTY 2015. Invisible, Inc. (invisible ink) in now in our vocabulary because of Austin's passion. (I should make the time to play this game.)

  • An oldie but a goody. If you didn't recall Rush'n Attack you probably were thinking about these 'egg games' with their very p(h)unny names.

  • "It's not funny, interesting, or particularly fun on any front, and it isn't going to be appealing to anybody without the lowest of lowbrow senses of humor." ~ Alex Navarro

    Yes, but part of any list of puns, has to be a dirty pun. And this game has two REALLY dirty puns right in its title. A bad game to be sure, but very 'blue' pun usage puts it on this list.

  • The great by Alexander Pope said, "To err is human, to forgive divine." However, we need not forgive Sierra or Kings Quest who made an art of punny titles.

    King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne (1985/1987)

    King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human (1986)

    King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder! (1990)

    King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (1992)

    King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride (1994)

    Even the new games have pun chapter titles; "A Knight to Remember", "Rubble Without a Cause", and "Once Upon a Climb". A series of puns from a series with puns. (The Princeless Bride...that stick cracks me up!)