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One of my Favorite Games of all Time. 0

This game is very,very fun and if you have not played it yet. Then stop reading and take out your GameCube and play one of the most charming games ever made. Part of what i love about this game is its simplicity, there is still plenty of Badges (different pieces of loot that affect various things) and items to collect but what it comes down to is using the right moves at the right time.Now as for the story there's not much to it but obviously more than the average Mario game Sir Grodus takes Pri...

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Sony Smash Bros. Tries Something new but Ultimately Falls Flat. 0

Going into this game i didn't know what to think. It seems like a blatant copy of the popular Super Smash Bros. series, however they do some things that make it unique, perhaps too unique. The main problem with this game is that most of its ads has been positioning this game as a party game. This is false advertising. What is the main thing to having a party game? Simplicity this game has none of that. Instead of beating somebody up and them dying you have to use one of your 9 moves to gain some...

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