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Bioshock Infinity is like Looper 0

When you think about it, it makes sense.Massive spoilers:If Booker refuses the baptism, he will become an alcoholic gambler who will sell his daughter in order to settle his debt. The man who will sell his daughter to will use her as fuel for a flying city that would destroy the world.If Old Joe goes back in time to kill a telepathic kid, the Rainmaker will never exist and his wife would be safe from murder.However, if Booker accepts the baptism, he will recreate himself and giving himself a new...

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The decision element 0

This game is so much rock and roll. The most important element in this game is the decision making process. I like it so much especially this game is affected by your decisions. An example is that if you left some evidence in the cafe, the police will get so much of it. There is also an element where to use it wisely because Lucas gets questioned. He has to tell the truth otherwise the suspicion meter of that character has been questioned will go up.  Be careful what you decided and know the con...

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