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Zombie Survivors

This list is always a work in progress.

List items

  • Please. She has a plasma cannon and bite-proof armor. She even has experience finding useful items in large, mostly empty areas. She'll have no problem finding food and water.

  • Sam has lots of guns, and feels right at home blasting away at hordes of monsters. He can survive on a diet of testosterone and health vials indefinitely.

  • Who has time to get bitten when you're flying through the air, grappling and parachuting your way around like some kind of reverse Spider-Man?

  • He can make a turret out of nothing, feed random pieces of metal into it, and it'll kill zombies like nobody's business. Did I mention that he can also make a machine that creates <i>infinite metal</i>? His only downfall is his inevitable death from the radiation that his toys certainly give out.

  • He'd eat 'em.

  • Do I need to explain?

  • Do I need to explain?

  • While him 'surviving' could be argued, he would certainly continue to exist, if only because he would cause the apocalypse.

  • Who else can fire a pistol that slices heads clean off?