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Just a list of games that I'm currently "focused" on.

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  • No-death all levels? Should be doable. Don't touch water in *that* level? Nope.

    Com-PETE-ion Stretch Goal: Hit all the Time Trial targets!

  • With a Switch port incoming, it's about time we Com-PETE-d this one, yeah? Going for all stamps - which means every character, every level. Given the fact that I haven't beaten Champion's Road with *any* character, I dunno how feasible this is :}

  • Damn you, Gerstmann!


    (Answer: because I don't want to subscribe to Apple Arcade to temporarily play one or two games. Glad I picked this up on the Switch!)

  • Oooh, this is pretty! The opening hour was... interesting, so I'm curious to see how this holds up. Apparently it's going to be a complete bitch to Com-PETE, though.

  • Thought I'd give this a bash after being intrigued by the QUBE 2 Quick Look. It's pretty good puzzling! Dunno about the time trials, though - getting Gold on all those might be an issue.

  • The GB gang made me think that Luigi's Mansion 3 might be up my alley, so I thought I'd go back to the original to see whether the core gameplay conceit worked for me. Jury's still out, at this stage. Not happy to discover that the 3DS version that I bought is harder than the original Gamecube version.