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Me? oh goodness, I'm not very interesting. I work for Citizens Advice here in the UK and outside of my work I like to play games and try to improve my writing here on GB sometimes. As for myself I'm a trans woman, generally very shy, loves cats, and never grew out of my goth phase at school.

My favourite games are usually RPGs, largely due to the mix of exploration, loot, and the hope of a good story or set of characters. I also love adventure games but find the usual puzzle gameplay a little off-putting. That being said I'm open to most things game-wise, except most multiplayer games as I'm usually terrible at them.

Outside of games I'm into Metal and 80s hits, NSFW fashions (I blame Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman for this) and lasagna (with a proper cheese sauce).


Xbox Live: SisterOfVoid

PSN: MoonlightMoth