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For your consideration: Monstress by Marjorie Liu, it's pretty amazing.

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Not the greatest games in the world (some of them probably awful), but I love them regardless.

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  • I simply do not understand the hate towards this game. The story and battle system worked perfectly well and is a far better game than people seem to think. It's the old Alan Moore situation: "What, don't you like girls"?

  • A game I admire rather than enjoy. It's atmosphere is a real plus point for me.

  • I can't believe I forget to put this in here. As a pure "game" it has a few issues, but in terms of its narrative and its aesthetics, it one my favourite games ever. Interesting, diverse and likeable characters and perhaps one of the greatest soundtracks in gaming. Great stuff.

  • Aside from the final mission, where it turns into a straight shooter, Velvet Assassin was strange delight to play. Its archaic mechanics were perfectly manageable and the game's downbeat atmospherics and anti-war stance were rather refreshing.

  • For all the shoddy porting and poor graphics, I found the game to have lots of neat ideas. Surprisingly good fun despite all the bad press. I really hope Larian don't give up on the series because the ending really needs a follow up of some sort.

  • A true example of the cliche "style over substance", this game is one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen and I really enjoyed Nariko's story, it's just a shame that the combat was not as satisfying as it could have been.

  • All the valid complaints about this game did not stop it being one of my favourite experiences in 2010 so far. The campaign had some real variety and the atmosphere was, for me, on a par with (if not better than) the original Bioshock.

  • This game clearly has some control and camera issues, but nonetheless is an atmospheric RPG masterclass. Unique online features, a good character customization system and offering a real challange and great satisfaction for those with the requisite patience. A great advert for games without compromise.

  • I think both Z.O.E games count for this one. They were such a different experience to anything I had played before at the time, and despite being really bad at them, found the overwrought anime and the cool sci-fi aesthetic to be pretty compelling.

  • A pretty mediocre FPS, but one I really enjoyed playing. Great monster designs with tons of gore and atmosphere.

  • My first ever S rank.

  • The best game Omega Force ever developed.

  • One of the first original Xbox games I got. I didn't know anything about it other than the back of the box made it look and sound cool. As it turned out, it was pretty cool and had some neat environments, although I was pretty crappy at it.

  • A single good magazine review persuaded me to take the chance on this little mech firecracker, and for the life of me I can't remember anything about it other than it was really really fun.

  • Hated the demo, saw Brad's review...played it through 3 times, completed it on Hard solo...I loved it so much I even tried the mp, which was pretty amazing. Truth be told, it's best to start the game on easy and build up from there, as I can see how you could get frustrated very quickly.

  • A real head-scratcher as I didn't like the last 2 Fable games. Generally considered the worst of the three, I found it a delight to play and possessing that all important charm which can make games magical.

  • Heavy Metal is pretty much in my blood, and when Dimmu Borgir's "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse" starts bellowing out during the final battle, I was completely smitten.

  • Speaking of blood, the original Bloodrayne was a definite guilty pleasure. It was the first time I had seen blood-sucking used as an actual mechanic, and it never got old for me, as neither did the grim gothic environments and Nazi slaughtering. I'd have loved to see Platinum Games do a modern 3D Bloodrayne game (ala Bayonetta), but I think the boat has sailed on that sort of idea.