For your consideration: Monstress by Marjorie Liu, it's pretty amazing.

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  • All time favourite. A huge game with lots of world to explore, tons of items and a great cast of characters.

  • It is fitting that a game called "The Longest Journey" may just prove to be, I only hope Funcom let Ragnar Tornquist finish what he started. Had such a great story and is one of the few games to get an honest emotional reaction from me.

  • The utter genius of this game will probably never be acknowledged in the long shadow cast by Ocarina of Time. Brought me my favourite video game character ever in Midna.

  • Of all the JRPGs I've ever played, Xenoblade has delivered the best experience. An imaginative and gorgeous semi-open world, characters who are actually likeable, a unique and robust battle system, and a great range of customisation options are a but a few of the features in this master class of game design.

  • Under normal circumstances, such a overtly soft-hearted and sentimental game could have me reaching for the sick bucket, but this masterpiece possesses such charm, and such an honest and open heart, that it rises above such criticisms and had me in tears at the end. This is what a labour of love looks like, and that it has such fluid and beautiful combat on top of its gorgeous and colourful aesthetic, is but a testament to its brilliance.

  • This ought to be an absolute classic; its perfect mix of tower defence and role-playing is buttressed by a some incredibly charming characters and a well-written, good humoured story.

    A great amount of credit to my awesome and sexy friend KillyDarko for bringing this little masterpiece to my attention.

  • To my mind the future of the FPS was revealed for all to see and it is unfortunate that few seem to have noticed. Great atmosphere, great shooting and a great showing from Retro Studios to show what a western developer can do with a revered Nintendo franchise.

  • Won me over more for it's world and it's atmosphere than it's gameplay mechanics.

  • THE turn based SRPG. Wonderful characters and a great battle system.

  • Arguably the most elegant and well constructed 3rd person battle system of all time. Also proof, if any more were needed, of how little the general public know about video games.

  • Though it has dated really badly, at the time of release it was a real gem.

  • No other handlheld game took up so much of my time. Nigh on perfect battle system and buckets of charm.

  • Another great turn based RPG in which you cared for your characters in more ways than one.

  • Not so much the game as the entire MGS series (though this is my favourite). I've always enjoyed Kojima's rather rigid stealth mechanics and control system, but it's his imagination and his stories which captivate regardless of how silly they are.

  • The greatest truly open world game there is and a good reminder that bugs, glitches and general jankyness does not preclude a game from being staggeringly good. 100 hours and no regrets. Also shares Demon's Souls great sense of atmosphere.

  • A worthy successor to the Baldur's Gate series and hopefully the start of a number of grand adventures in the DA universe.

  • For all the poor textures, dodgy camera and abrupt loading screens, Alice was so delightful to play and experience that I felt like a much younger gamer when playing it. A celebration of the mind in all its beauty and all its horror. The game is sometimes as messed up as Alice herself, but it is also equally imaginative and beautiful.

  • This game clearly has some control and camera issues, but nonetheless is an atmospheric RPG masterclass. Unique online features, a good character customization system and offering a real challange and great satisfaction for those with the requisite patience. A great advert for games without compromise.

  • I'm not a big fan of First Person Shooters, some of them give me actual headaches, but something like Metro Last Light reminds me of why I should never dismiss them entirely. No other FPS from my experience has had such a good grasp of atmosphere and pacing, and when that is married to the amazing visuals and tight, varied gunplay, the results are quite spellbinding.

  • I was completely taken aback by just how well made Guacamelee is. The combat is precise, the controls are tight, the pacing of the levels, upgrades, and difficulty is nigh on perfect. A masterpiece of design and execution.